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[Top Stories] - Cleveland mayor's grandson killed in shooting | NBC

2021.09.20 19:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Cleveland mayor's grandson killed in shooting | NBC

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2021.09.20 19:56 katsuuhh am i way too late to share my yellowboo fanart ??

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2021.09.20 19:56 km524 Create same set of subfolders in each client folder?

We have a specific "Clients" folder where each client has their own folder. I need to add 4 new subfolders (Legal, Invoices, POs, Other) to each client folder. I'm hoping there's a way to do this without having to manually add them for each client..
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2021.09.20 19:56 Emm_Gemm Khloe partnering up with candy crush….Lolol

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2021.09.20 19:56 JoseDonagher Seeking Feedback on My Prologue

Apologies if there are any formatting errors, I pasted it to Docs from Word and it seemed to mess up some of the paragraph spacing and indentation. I tried to clean it up as best I could:


Here's the first few paragraphs pasted as text if you want to read this first before going onto the main Doc:

The arctic breath of the tundra blew a cloud of snow across the barren landscape. Diamond dust, glistering ice crystals caught in the air, blocked Derrick’s view from the rampart. On a clear day he could see the ecotone, where the tree line swayed naked in the breeze, their leaves having been stripped by winter. Today, he could only see an endless sheet of white.
In the air above, a rainbow halo wrapped itself around the sun. An optical illusion caused by the light refracting off the atmospheric ice. The tundra could easily play tricks on the eyes. Force a man to stare at a blank slate long enough, and he starts to imagine all sorts of things that aren’t there.
Like ghosts.
Fires had broken out at a couple of the outposts, which had been variably attributed by some of the guards to a ghost or a white mage. Neither of the claims held up under scrutiny. Ghosts were things of legend. The closest thing that ever existed were necromancers who could animate corpses, and they wore black robes. White mages were primarily healers, and it didn’t make sense for them to use primarily offensive spells like fire.
A combination of a hostile environment and a traumatic event had conspired to create delusions in these men’s minds. Fires in the arctic were an unusual event, and their imaginations had come up with superstitious explanations to make sense of it. That was because they didn’t know the true reason for these outposts, and the likely cause of the fires.
Derrick looked over his shoulder, where a stone roadway disappeared into a blanket of snow. The roadway eventually ended at a newly constructed excavation site. There, giant drills had been built to bore deep into the earth, into which a series of pipes and valves had been inserted to extract a dark liquid from underground. Derrick didn’t know the name of this liquid, but he knew speculation abound that it was derived from the decomposed fossils of ancient dragons, and could serve as a new fuel source, one even more powerful and efficient than steam.
This liquid was highly flammable. Combustion was, apparently, how they intended to turn it into a fuel source. Many of the men who worked this site didn’t know the real reason the wells were being drilled and the liquid extracted. They were just doing their jobs. Unaware of the most likely explanation for the cause of the fires – that the liquid had been ignited – they had come up with some alternative explanation.
A strong gust of wind blew up onto the parapet, shrieking like a siren as it threw open the floor hatch. The metal door crashed upon the stone, and Derrick instinctively moved to unsheathe his sword at the thought of a possible intruder. A red hooded head popped out over the top of the ladder, revealing that it was only Lysander.
“Forgive me, Sir Rhinehart,” Lysander apologized. “The winds are stronger than I thought.”
Lysander squatted down and grabbed the metal hatch with both hands, struggling against the wind to throw it closed.
And you are weaker than I thought.
Derrick thought the words silently, but did not speak them aloud. Irritating as he found Lysander to be, there was no point in insulting the lad. Derrick removed his hand from the hilt of his sword and gently nudged Lysander aside.
“Here,” Derrick said. He placed one heavily armored hand upon the door grip, and with a single retraction of his tricep was able to pull it shut.
Lysander looked on a bit embarrassed, but nodded his head in thanks.
“What have you got to report, Lysander?”
“Nothing much, I’m afraid. I’ve analyzed the ashes and found no evidence that magic caused the fires. My guess would be that your initial inclination was correct, and this was an industrial accident.”
“Or industrial sabotage,” Derrick said, “which we cannot yet rule out. But I think we can rule out tall tales of ghosts or warlocks setting fire to these sites. I, too, was unable to sense any magical residue.”
“It appears this journey may have been in vain, sir.”
“Not in vain, Lysander. Process of elimination. By removing false explanations, we have narrowed down our search for the truth.”
“Do you think our presence here will be further required? Given the absence of magic, I see no further investigation we could conduct that could not just as easily be done by the guards.”
Derrick frowned at Lysander. The mage seemed not to notice, being too preoccupied with pulling his red cloak tightly around his body, shivering inside of it as he tried to keep himself warm.
“Our duty is not yet complete. We were sent here to determine a cause of the fires, not to simply eliminate possibilities. Paladins are expected to do their duty in service of the Republic, as are mages. You would be wise to remember that, Lysander.”
Cold as he was, Lysander managed to straighten himself at the seriousness of Derrick’s tone. After a brief moment of contemplation, he lowered his head in deference.
“Yes, Sir Rhinehart.”
Annoyed as he was by Lysander’s constant complaining, Derrick could not disagree with the premise that their talents were being wasted here. Babysitting Lysander in the freezing cold was not the career path he had envisioned for himself, but all journeyman paladin were assigned a journeyman mage to protect, and Derrick’s father had made it perfectly clear that his path to inheriting a lordship was dependent upon his successfully completing his training as a paladin.
“We shall resume our investigation until…”
Derrick’s directives were interrupted by a shout. He turned around to see that archers all along the guard towers had begun to notch arrows to their bows. They pointed them out into the tundra beyond the wall, where a single snowflake seemed to detach itself from the falling snow. The speck of white grew larger as it approached the fortifications, increasing in size as a snowball might when rolled down a hill. As the white speck drew closer, it gradually took on the form of a man covered in a white cloak.
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2021.09.20 19:56 theroughprobation ️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

⚡️PowerChain️ ($PWRC) is a Binance Smart Chain Network token. This token is designed to act as a new way to sell or buy overproduced energy. Right now more and more people are producing their own energy for example by using solar panels. You can sell your overproduced energy to other people or companies who need it. With $PWRC and by using our upcoming platform, you will be able to sell or buy energy all by yourself. No third parties required.
We have a huge marketing campain and investors ready. For more details, visit our roadmap on the website when launched.
Telegram: https://t.me/PowerChainToken
Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
PowerChain details and tokenomics:
🎉 Fair Launched
✅ Audited
✅ Locked Liquidy
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Verified and Doxxed Teams
⛔ ️No Presale
💵 2% Auto Liquidity
📈 2% Marketing wallet
Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
Buy: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
Telegram: https://t.me/PowerChainToken
Website: Under development
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2021.09.20 19:56 toppatterns [Store] Bowie ch #652 ww 0.40; AK-47 Case Hardened #228 ww 0.39; M4a1-s Atomic Alloy fn 0.04405117 +kato navi holo 2014; AK-47 Blue Laminate ft 0.19+kato navi holo 2014 on wood; Awp Boom mw 0.14 + kato navi holo 2014 and gold sticker on top

Name Wear Wear value Additional info Screenshots B/O
Bowie Knife Case Hardened WW 0.4088 pattern 652 blue ocean61% mirror in game 1 in game 2 cs.money 6500 RMB
AK-47 Case Hardened WW 0.3962 pattern 228 in game cs.money 2000 RMB
M4a1-s Atomic Alloy FN 0.0440 with sticker Kato Navi Holo 2014 in game 1 in game 2 cs.money 2500 RMB
AK-47 Blue Laminate FT 0.1900 with sticker Kato Navi Holo 2014 on wood in game cs.money 1000 RMB
Awp Boom MW 0.1455 with sticker Kato Navi Holo 2014 on scope and gold kato 2019 electronic on top in game 1 in game 2 cs.money 2000 RMB
Trade Link
Profile for talk
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2021.09.20 19:56 Tattynurmi Ibiza Espanha: principais lugares para conhecer da ilha

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2021.09.20 19:56 PolyShaun Looks like the Tony Khan/Max Caster ‘feud’ is coming to Grand Slam

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2021.09.20 19:56 InvisibleMousepad Póster de Chase para el animatic en español "Sonic Soccer"! [Art by: Carlos Cardiel]

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2021.09.20 19:56 RoomWhacks He just said that big Nuke spiral he had on IG was because of Reddit Gammas. LMAOOOOOO

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2021.09.20 19:56 ObsessedGFTA [30/m]My partner (30/f) is so obsessed with her appearance that it's hurting our relationship

My girlfriend has enjoyed dressing up as long as we've been together (about 1 year). I don't mind that. Admittedly it's sometimes inconvenient, as we will have somewhere to be, and she'll spend so long getting ready that we end up late. Sometimes it will take as long as 2-3 hours. Again, I don't really mind that, she knows she takes a while, and when it's urgent, she can move more quickly (~30min).
The problem is this: she has gained some weight since we've been together (I don't actually know her weight, but she's gained maybe 10-15 pounds if I had to guess), and she's miserable over that. She is by no means fat, and I think she's absolutely gorgeous still, and I tell her that all the time.
But the weight gain has caused her to sort of spiral. She doesn't like how her clothes fit, so she doesn't want to go out in public. Since she doesn't want to go out, she just stays in and sleeps. While she's sleeping in, the only thing she will wake up for is food, and it feels like it's becoming a feedback loop.
I've suggested dieting and exercise. Again, not because I think she's overweight or really fat in any way, but because she thinks she is, despite me telling her otherwise. She declines exercise categorically, and dieting is hard because it's a much slower solution.
I just don't really know what to do. I just want her to feel good about herself. If that means losing weight, fine, I am willing to help her diet and exercise. But she has no motivation to do those things because she's so upset over her appearance.
We are currently on vacation, and she's unwilling to leave the hotel room because she doesn't feel attractive enough.
I just want to figure out how to make her feel better enough that we can actually do something about this image issue she's having.
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2021.09.20 19:56 akakihonou How well do you think that the lords from MCC 9 would do in the recent events?

All four players: InTheLittleWood, Smallishbeans, Grian and SolidarityGaming have improved massively recently, with Smallish getting 11th and 6th, and Grian also getting 11th and 6th on the recent MCCs, and ITLW and Solidarity also getting one of their highest placements ever since a long time.
If the four ever teamed again in a MCC with the current competitiveness, how well do you think they could do, seeing their skill and confidence improvement?
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2021.09.20 19:56 yngindaeyo stepmother marchen's author new update

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2021.09.20 19:56 CupAdministrative239 For Sale or Trade (details in comments)

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2021.09.20 19:56 PolyShaun Heels episode six review: The best there is & Mick Foley

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2021.09.20 19:56 Pretty-Butterscotch8 Is my pc enough?

So I’ve been pretty hyped up for Battlefield 2042 lately but I was wondering if my current pc (Ryzen 7 2700x, gtx 1060 oc, 16gb ram) is enough to run the game at 1080p?
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2021.09.20 19:56 xxcutiepiex ENV H 311

Does anybody else have this course this upcoming quarter? If yes, just to make sure, on the 29th, that’s online?
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2021.09.20 19:56 viisky Kavgadasınız ve suratınıza doğru böyle bir tekme geliyor nasıl docgelersiniz

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2021.09.20 19:56 Needleroozer [Android] [2021.36.1] Videos used to be muted until I unmuted, then unmuted until I muted again. Now every video is unmuted and, after I mute it, the *next* one is unmuted. Considering every ad is a video and I now hear them all, this seems deliberate.

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2021.09.20 19:56 Tchi-wi It works everytime

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2021.09.20 19:56 prixb Covid: Melbourne construction sites shut after violent vaccine protest

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2021.09.20 19:56 squishy_flower Free OC for you guys you can change him however you want idc but if u want him u can! (Only giving to 2 peeps and maybe one lucky person)

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