2021.09.20 20:23 Mundane00 Storytime

Now let me tell you a story of a girl I once knew
At first glance she is normal and she seems like a cool dude
Then her teeth start to show and her claws begin to sink
As she hears about a new beginning that you are now in
Oh she is not happy she’s raging in site
She walks past you in the space with all of her might, pretending you’re not there and it’s all out of spite
Now they say be the bigger person and trust me you’ve tried
And as time seems to go on she leaves all of it behind
But you still remember the feeling of invisibility, The subtle comments whispered under her breath as if you had incapability
To speak up for yourself and to hear and to see, what she post as she hides behind doors yes she speaks oh but the most
So you sit there in silence quietly waiting but this rage is now inside you and it doesn’t want to be caged in
So you’re pondering what your next step should be and she seems to be calm and wants to be friends as y’all once used to be
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2021.09.20 20:23 BananaBrainTendieMan It's what vaccine junkies crave

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2021.09.20 20:23 Ethanator10000 "we can't see your screen"

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2021.09.20 20:23 Landoman02

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2021.09.20 20:23 Xanthyppe Noob query for dismantling

Is there an optimal strategy for what to dismantle, for beginnemiddle level?
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2021.09.20 20:23 reddit_feed_bot NewsMax: Threats Against Lawmakers Double After Jan. 6 Insurrection: Capitol Police

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2021.09.20 20:23 5Js_Sports_Cards BEST Box I Ever Opened🔥2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball Mega Box💥2 Of My ...

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2021.09.20 20:23 QuirkyElderberry5672 Any books like tma?(more below)

I know about Jonny sims book “thirteen stories” I’m waiting for it’s physical release to by it! I’m, for the first time ever, itching for a good horror-ish book
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2021.09.20 20:23 saiwron BAŞIMA GELEN İLGİNÇ OLAY

Merhabalar ben Volkan Konak.
Bugün başıma gelen ilginç olayı sizlere anlatacağım.
Öncelikle yeni konserime hazırlanıyordum ve çok heyecanlıydım. Özel şoförümü beni alması için beklerken sokakta çocuklar gördüm ve bana “Merhaba ben Volkan Konak” deyip durdular. Çocukların beni tanımasına ve benim müziğime ilgi duymalarına sevindim fakat anlamıyorum Volkan Konak benim onlar değil ki. Neden böyle şeyler diyorlar gerçekten anlayamıyorum. Beni dinlediğiniz için teşekkür ederim.
-Volkan Konak
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2021.09.20 20:23 smegmamaknowsbest To my Criminal Justice professionals out there, why does Alvis pay SHIT?!

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2021.09.20 20:23 Ice061030 Two items and two transfurs that's in the game but not released yet

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2021.09.20 20:23 thenowthatisnot [FOR SALE] Steven Wilson - The Future Bites, To the Bone Deluxe Editions

Hi all. I have two deluxe edition box sets from Steven Wilson that have been collecting dust for a while. Each one has barely been touched and I'd like to send them to a good home.
To the Bone (Deluxe) - Looking for $150 OBO. There are a couple minor scuffs on the front, but it's otherwise in great condition. All of the discs except the blu-ray audio are unplayed.
The Future Bites (Deluxe) - Looking for $180 OBO. The box set has been opened but is in pristine, brand new condition and all the goodies are still inside and virtually untouched.
Shipping from 47909, USA. I can do local pickup if you somehow happen to be close!
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2021.09.20 20:23 Seniorcoquonface You call this resisting arrest, we call thus a difficulty tweak!

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2021.09.20 20:23 SuperBigK EAF 2021 Question

How strict are the timeslots labeled in the tickets ??
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2021.09.20 20:23 DankBeats_Luigi_2 I busted into a horny subreddit and planted a stealth mine. Now we wait...
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2021.09.20 20:23 YoshMoshus H:qe25 railway W:Offers

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2021.09.20 20:23 RobotDras [Sale] Pipos Doll Woong 10cm Doll

Pipos Doll Woong Album
Selling my Pipos Doll Woong ~ comes with the clothes you see and CSLinspiration handmade Eyes. Full face up and toe bean paint by the company. I will also include his little stand.
I am his second owner and he has been loved so there may be signs of minor wear but his stringing is still very good. As much as I love him I’ve decided to stick to a certain type of dolls.
Pipos Woong is Pipos Enfant 10cm line of dolls.
Please give little Woong a good home ;-; I am a 5 star seller on EBay and Etsy and do have some buyer feedback on Instagram @/redcat.dolls and DOA @ Ladyred _^
Asking $ 120 Free shipping in US PayPal
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2021.09.20 20:23 GimmeAllThePlants Is there a way to scan barcodes without logging them?

I'm new to Noom, and I'm sure there's a way to do this, but I'm not finding it.
I want to scan items while I shop to decide if I want them and see what category they fall in. The only way I can see to do it is to scan them into a meal, then go back after they are logged to see what category they fall in.
Is this the only way, or am I missing something obvious? Help?
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2021.09.20 20:23 2elevenam A bus hit the Target ball and we had to roll it into the corner

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2021.09.20 20:23 whatamadmax CINCINNATI SOUNDCHECK

Hey, I was the German guy that the soundcheck who gave beats to Isaiah, we had a little convo and he asked me where I was from. Would mean the WORLD to me if someone had that soundcheck footage 🙏
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2021.09.20 20:23 5jid8ke593 Petition for new rule:

"If you didn't make it, don't post it."
Now that anyone can post here we need some rule that keeps things original and creative. Pls
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2021.09.20 20:23 Pretty_Marketing5184 DIPPPP

I was so proud of my 10% that I had accumulated over the last 8 months. This dip is literally wiping it all out :'(
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2021.09.20 20:23 deador404 Shigaraki vs deku

Wouldn't shigaraki be fighting his grandma on his dad's side since deku has one for all?
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2021.09.20 20:23 PriestofSB Today's 2160x4680

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Hey All! I am trying to get on this show with Danny in Portland if I can because covid has kept me from doing any big performances can you tag him here IT MEANS THE WORLD
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