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We will work together on the successful development of this project

2021.09.20 20:29 analiyalora We will work together on the successful development of this project

We will work together on the successful development of this project. Convenient personal account I was very pleased! Good luck. Let me introduce which is a superb project with great platform. Stay tuned. https://key.fund
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2021.09.20 20:29 clip_mirror_bot Forsen tries to play a puzzle game with viewers

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2021.09.20 20:29 Sirte Legit? Innovagen on steroids Canada

Legit? Innovagen on steroids Canada submitted by Sirte to CanadaChems [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 20:29 Kapil300 My new 1ii case from DEVILCASE. Really good print qualityđź‘Ś

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2021.09.20 20:29 Observer125 How do i handle this situation?

I met her through work in february through work and what started off as just a bit of fun with talking on the phone slowly evolved into a really strong connection, we meet for the first time 30 march and after the second date we spoke out to eachother that we like eachother. I always have a hard time opening up but she did not mind and was willing to wait, two weeks later i slept at her place and we slept together. Until that point everything was great between us until a week later she said she does not know if it just friendly between us or romantic. I told her it would be hard for me as i do have those romantic feelings, She just had some doubts about it, some moments she did had attraction towards me and sometimes she did not.
As time progressed we remained friends, still talking on the phone everyday, telling eachother everything going on in our lives and she frequently said things like she is really happy that she has me in her life and that she needs me. But as time progressed it also was harder for me at times. Especially if she was hanging out alone with her guy " friends".
I was feeling jealous and really questioning my own self worth/ respect at times. I know i just should have go NC the moment she did not want to be more then friends me, but yeah stupid me.
Then i made a stupid mistake that broke her trust.. She works at a shop and i needed work and she set me up for a job at the same company ( but at another location) i really hated the job and decided to just leave. The big mistake that i made was that i did not tell her i left and she heart it from the manager of the store instead of me, resulting in her getting really angry. Saying she never should have trusted me and that she is sad she heart it from someone else. I made a proper apology saying i should have told her sooner and that i take full responsibilty for my mistake and it wont happen again. But after this incident the situation changed
She became more distant and i was really missing her, i told her that but she said she does not want to put the effort in anymore after what happened Anyway 3 weeks ago she send me a messages that she really misses me and did not thought our bond would "break" this quickly. I told her i miss her aswell but from the moment she told me she just wants to be friends a lot had changed because i really thought we were building something more then just friends. she did not respons on my reaction.
the last month we barely talk with eachother, this whole week we did noy have contact. I send her a letter last week that i was sorry for what happened a while back with work and that i broke her trust, she responded that she thinks about me alot and that it really is a shame what happened between us and that she wants to clear the air with me. After that letter we had a phone call and it was a good old conversation. I told her i barely sleep sometimes thinking about everything, she did not believe that because it that would be the case i would have put in some more effort, But i dont want to give all the effort for just friendship
But for the last two weeks we barely talk and the texts are dry.. What should i do? restore the friendship or stay no contact? Because on the other hand i really miss her but i want to be more then friends
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2021.09.20 20:29 htxxu Bicentennial Quarters

Do you keep them? I got a customer roll the other day and it had about 5. I wasn't getting the roll for CRH, I had a garage sale and looked through in the hopes that I'd randomly find a W. Wasn't expecting so many Bicentennial coins and haven't sufficiently researched Quarter rolls yet since I'm primarily searching pennies right now.
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2021.09.20 20:29 WaterMeLoan64 What is the single funniest line from a MCU movie or tv show?

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2021.09.20 20:29 mullji Hair Follicle HELP

Hi, I don't smoke at all ever.. I've ate edibles in the pass but I ate some 2mg edibles in May. I think all together it was 40mg of THC (I didn't even finish the pack) I haven't touched anything since then and before that - like maybe a few edibles here and there but I never smoke regularly.
My hair test is in two weeks so that will be 4 months pretty much since I ate the edibles I've also bleached my hair twice and dyed it 3 times (just because I changed my hair lol) And I muscular and work out every single day. Am I good?
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2021.09.20 20:29 HighNoonTex Question about Monk damage die on magical dagger?

So a Monk can use his Martial Arts damage die on monk weapons, such as daggers. But what if the dagger has a magical extra damage die. Does the extra damage also switch to a martial die?
Here's the situation: My monk player has a dagger that does 1d4 piercing and 1d4 cold. Do both of these scale with his martial arts die, or just the "normal" damage?
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2021.09.20 20:29 Adrien_Jabroni Lucero skate deck with custom grip tape art by Brian!

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2021.09.20 20:29 ADotPoke I've been gone for a couple months. What have I missed?

Can anyone give me a brief recap of major changes to units/meta/etc?
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2021.09.20 20:29 Fast-Living-4934 [WTB] Vortex Spitfire 3x prism scope

Looking for a scope for my astigmatism. $300 ish
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2021.09.20 20:29 samu1223 Just wanted a Glass of Guava juice

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2021.09.20 20:29 ImJustHereFourMemes Does WT have any type of match balancing?

I have found myself in a losing streak, currently at 8 losses in a row and I myself have usually 75-90% battle activity in 6 out of the 8 games.
My question does Gaijin have something in place that is putting me with specific players trying to balance the game or am I just having a really unlucky game day?
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2021.09.20 20:29 gernrna Does this stick out to you? I missed it.

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2021.09.20 20:29 gadgetsguru The sell off has begun! Stack accordingly!

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2021.09.20 20:29 LowHuckleberry5574 Hi! I hope you're having a super awesome day! If you're not, I believe in you :) #119

Hi! I hope you're having a super awesome day! If you're not, I believe in you :) #119 submitted by LowHuckleberry5574 to drawing [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 20:29 Stjalez Da li neko zna prodavnicu odece za visoke

Visok sam 201cm i tezak sam 95kg stoga ne mogu da nadjem odecu. Dai neko zna prodavnicu za visoke u BG ili NS.
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2021.09.20 20:29 ojarbardojar Can someone make this?

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2021.09.20 20:29 c0ckkusringus Call of Cthulhu - Mary - Sundays 6pm UK time - Online

Mary will see in the investigators hired by a woman to find her adopted child. The child was born and fostered in Innsmouth and Mary has no wish to personally return there after she left 20 or so years ago.
Please message me if you are interested. No time wasters, flakes or people who are easily offended. Players must also be comfortable with mature subjects and also have a good sense of humor.
Mary is from the book "Before the fall" and the entire book is expected to take 1 - 3 months (depending on player actions) and whilst the group does not currently have a "campaign" we do have a "world" that me and the players have been collaboratively making for the past 4 months. Once we complete this book we will be moving onto the full "Escape from Innsmouth" Campaign.
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2021.09.20 20:29 span1sh_f1y Is it just me who thinks Erik is massively underrated

Is it just me who thinks Erik is massively underrated submitted by span1sh_f1y to BrandonDE [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 20:29 psugrad98 Where did Zabreskie Point soundtrack go?

Where did Zabreskie point soundtrack songs go? I loved songs like Country song and Come in Number 51 your Time is up, etc.
They are gone! Can't even find Country song anywhere else.
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2021.09.20 20:29 Onyshot Best jumpscare in years

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2021.09.20 20:29 YellowB [MCU/Marvel] Why aren't vampires ever shown in any of the films, even though Blade is part of the same world/universe as the Avengers, and vampires are everywhere in the Blade world?

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2021.09.20 20:29 re_owll Is Biden the wendingo

View Poll
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