Sly and The Family Stone - You Can Make It If You Try

2021.10.23 00:54 beatboy1975 Sly and The Family Stone - You Can Make It If You Try

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2021.10.23 00:54 ollobrains Does this look nice

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2021.10.23 00:54 Asangrededragon PC hard stuttering. (Example in the comments)

Hello, My PC runs completely fine but once or twice per day it stutters pretty bad almost like if it was at 5fps and audio also becomes very choppy. It only lasts less than 4 seconds. They are completely random and it can happen at any moment, like either using chrome or playing games for example. Windows it’s installed in a SSD Windows, GPU drivers and AMD chipset drivers are up to date. My specs are: Ryzen 5 3600 3060 Ti 32GB of Ram MSI B550 motherboard 750 watts 80 gold power supply.
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2021.10.23 00:54 meganeg08 Recently diagnosed.

Hi everyone. I was recently diagnosed with MS after a hospital stay last month. Started with what seems to be a very typical first symptom, vision loss in my one eye. After the MRI I learned I had 16 lesions which were all non-enhancing at the time. Of course the optic nerve was very inflamed. I was set up with a neurologist and he wants me to research some available treatments and come back to him next month to start something. Would anyone be able to provide me with some good online resources concerning the available treatments and maybe some personal experiences? I know you can’t tell me what to decide, but I would really appreciate a point in the right direction to be able to do my own research. The neurologists did send me home with some pamphlets for a few medications. He does not believe that I need to start an “aggressive” treatment right now, whatever that means, because I only had the lesions in my brain and not in my spinal cord or brain stem yet. Thank you so much for any help and I hope you are all doing well.
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2021.10.23 00:54 couponfordeals 23% off > $184.99 < ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [USA Warehouse]

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2021.10.23 00:54 Positive_Classroom61 If a 17 year old dates a 15 year old. By the time they are 18, would that make them a pedo? Or is them dating someone 2 years younger already something bad??

I was just wondering
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2021.10.23 00:54 Far_Movie9640 lmaoo

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2021.10.23 00:54 StillCardiologist834 Difference between 5mapb and 6apb?

Which one is more like mdma, which one is less toxic/bad for body or brain? Which one do u guys preffer? Thanks🙏❤️
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2021.10.23 00:54 jorleeduf Brantley makes the catch to send the Astros to the World Series

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2021.10.23 00:54 zhouse_org Borneo-Gravel-(BRO002)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.10.23 00:54 M2k1000 One does not simply take the ball back

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2021.10.23 00:54 lgd_9 I struggled, endured, and contended, and after a year or so, finally got what I wanted! Now to patiently wait for Elden Ring…

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2021.10.23 00:54 femgenner my mom accepted me but i feel worse

my mom was talking to me about why i havent been talking to people as much lately and generally being less happy than before. i have some self esteem issues because of my gender dysphoria, but i didnt tell her that. i did tell her that i dont like confrontation, which is true. i then told her about how i hate my body hair and how i loved it when i applied eyeliner at a friends sleepover. i wanted to give some hints that im trans, but she didn't pick up on it.
she did, however, ask me if i like men. i told her that im bisexual, and she accepted me, which i knew she would. she has 2 gay uncles (one of which i didnt even know was gay before) and has even sat me and my brother down a couple of years ago and told us about being accepting of gay people and such.
despite her accepting me as bi, i feel worse now. i probably should have told her that i was trans too, but i feel much less comfortable telling her that. my dad is pretty transphobic, and he's told me before that he doesn't want me to grow up to become trans a couple of years ago. this week even, the news mentioned something about trans people, and he said something transphobic. my mom might accept me as trans, but im not entirely sure.
anyways, i feel like i shouldn't have said anything, even though it was realistically better to tell my mom about my sexuality. maybe i feel like I should've told her the whole truth. i just dont know what to do. i feel like im trapped in a cycle of waiting for an opportunity to come out, but it never feels right. i dont have any real friends anymore, so its not like i could talk to anybody outside of my family about it. i just want to transition, but im scared of being made fun of and it being too early etc.
sorry for rambling. this probably made no sense, but if anyone has anything to say, id love to hear it. honestly, if you just wanna talk, id be down also
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2021.10.23 00:54 goddesscrystals Garnets prior to getting cut!

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2021.10.23 00:54 Eagle-Beak Only single seat IL-2?

I'm surprised I can't find a discussion for this yet.
Was anyone frustrated when they first bought this game to see that the vanilla game only includes the single-seat IL-2? I understand that the single seat IL-2 became obsolete early in the war, and that two-seaters all but completely replaced them. In fact, in sounds like the few single seaters that remained in the VVS were shot down throughout the war.
Interesting article on this: The forgotten Il-2 rear gunners | vvs air war
I understand that the Battle of Kuban DLC includes the two-seat IL-2, but it just seems crazy that you have to pay extra to get a real IL-2.
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2021.10.23 00:54 AsymmetricSquid I’m so terribly sorry for this

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2021.10.23 00:54 Kazamico Glhf Tenma

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2021.10.23 00:54 lilysmh032 Arrows u.p if your dick is above bigger than 5"Snap: lilysmh02

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2021.10.23 00:54 i_love_tributes Who can do a tribute on cardi b (Kik:pajero_loco)

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2021.10.23 00:54 Mitchthevac12 Blessed by a friend. Apprently called green Meanies. Never had this kind before 🎃

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2021.10.23 00:54 -BilbroSwaggenz- Has anyone tried this?

In D&D we have health potions, but has anyone every tried to implement mana potions as well? I’ve always thought about it especially for Warlocks but I’ve never fully figured out how to balance the mechanics. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.23 00:54 antoinejutras How to make make pop corn spice to stick to the pop corn with low calorie

I like to put spices on my pop corn but not oil since i like a low calorie, high volume snack. I pop kernel in a brown bag in my microwave. Put it in a big bowl, than I usualy use a little bit of spray oil (pam) than put spice like "pop corn spice", nutritional yeast (i like to grind it with a mortar and pestle as fine dust stick better), cinamon and splenda... Give it a shake! Is there a way to substitute the oil, or use even less oil? Is there a way of making a big batch of seasoned pop corn and store it without becoming smoushy? Could i make my own bbq pop corn spice? How do they make the pop corn spice a very fine dust?
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2021.10.23 00:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - The Bitcoin fountainhead can't cure world's ills | Bangkok Post

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2021.10.23 00:54 __karii 21 [F4R] Skype call?

Let’s voice call? I’m not really into the dirty stuff so I’d rather keep it clean. Would anyone like to call?
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2021.10.23 00:54 Strict-Light-9345 Xp orx vs nox 600 vs other

Im detecting in northern romania on fields and hills. Upgrading from ace 200i
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