Weird that we feel the exact same as the end of last season

2021.10.23 02:41 InukShaken Weird that we feel the exact same as the end of last season

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2021.10.23 02:41 0pera6 Facialize Constance Jablonski. [Fig. Sedan5]

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2021.10.23 02:41 Jdjones4824 Back from week vacation at Walt Disney World and first thing I did when arriving home was taking the STI out with the dogs and girlfriend to get some chicken in the hood.

Back from week vacation at Walt Disney World and first thing I did when arriving home was taking the STI out with the dogs and girlfriend to get some chicken in the hood.
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2021.10.23 02:41 anders_mcflanders so fun Riot. love you. not.

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2021.10.23 02:41 ASV666 Valendo 200 depósitos em notas de 1,00. No r/eyebleach (que eu conheci por um comentário aqui no sub).

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2021.10.23 02:41 Admirable-Building65 I can’t seem to get results from body subs

I’ve used many subs for stuff like eyelashes ,school ,hair and eyes and they’ve all worked fine but whenever I try to use a body sub ( I stay consistent ) it never works .I’ve been using a pear shaped body subliminal for a while and I can feel the pressure on my ribs and hips but never get results .Previously I was using a smaller rib cage subliminal and I could feel the pressure on my ribs but never results .I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
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2021.10.23 02:41 MariiBoop A little Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin fanart

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2021.10.23 02:41 3sheets2thewin [M4F] Peril and Romance on the Far Side of the Moon

Leo surveyed the crowd. Despite all his experience, this was completely different than any of his former gigs. In the past, he'd worn a leather jacket and jumped around onstage with a mic in his hands - although that was fifteen years ago. Tonight, he wore a tie and stood behind a podium. His audience wasn't packed into a sweaty, screaming mass, either. Instead, they were seated around small round tables and drinking champagne. He cleared his throat and checked his watch. It was 6:29:38, on March 4, 2030. His address to the crowd would begin in twenty-two seconds. It's just like singing, he thought to himself. Just act like you know what you're doing, and they'll assume you do.
"Good evening everyone," he began, his voice just a little bit uneven. "And thank you for inviting me here tonight. The Frontier Science Symposium is no small event, I know that, and it's truly an honor. But I'm not just here to gush about that - no - I'm here to fulfil a dream of mine, and some of yours in the process." The conference attendees were looking at him politely, but he didn't register a strong reaction, positive or negative, from his first line. He continued, his voice a bit more steady this time.
"Some of you, if you're real tech nerds, might recognize me from the SkyCarrier videos - I was one of the first test pilots for their manned multicopters." Leo was sure that someone in this audience had seen the SkyCarrier, the most successful electric air vehicle to date. Judging from their suits and gowns, Leo bet more than a few attendees owned one. "SkyCarrier has been hard at work for the last two years developing a new vehicle from the same basic airframe. The difference is, this one operates in space." A few heads turned from their glasses and leaned forward.
"That's right. SkyCarrier has developed a Lunar Excursion Vehicle, and I'll be piloting it for its' first moon landing." He almost said first attempted moon landing, but realized it would convey the wrong message. A couple people began to clap, but Leo raised his hand. "However," he said, "we can't do it without your help." Now he had the crowd's attention. "Private Spaceflight has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years - but it still ain't cheap," he added with a wry grin. "SkyCarrier is not able to reach its' funding goals alone, and this mission is only viable if we bring other experiments with us as well. That's where the distinguished fellows of the Frontier Institute come in."
That's right. Butter up the crowd. They've built entire careers on being told how smart they are.
"You represent the pinnacle - the cutting edge - of human knowledge. I have no doubt you've all imagined experiments you wish could be carried to the moon. If you'll give me the honor-" was he overusing the word honor? "-I would like to take them there. I'm sure you've seen the brochure at each of your places-" if you haven't been using it as a drink coaster, "-which explains the available space, volume, and mass aboard our spacecraft. You'll also see a link to my website, where you can submit your designs." Leo hoped the finishing touches to his website were adequate - did all the links work? Did he choose a good font? "And, I must mention, the spacecraft still has an empty seat, if you would like to send your own expert."
He paused for a breath. The uphill part of his pitch was over, and he hadn't been laughed from the room. In fact, many of the eyes in the crowd were glued to him. Perhaps this was the closest he could expect to applause? Anyway, he just had to sell himself - and this mission - a little bit more, and see what happened.
"I understand if you're concerned about the safety and viability of this mission. I'll tell you a little bit more about myself. Besides my time flying the SkyCarrier, I have several thousand hours of experience in a variety of aircraft - ranging from small sport planes to complex business jets - but I think my most valuable practice was flying in the backwoods of Alaska. I'll be flying aboard a Comet spacecraft, by Zodiac Aerospace. Most of you know, this spacecraft is fully autonomous. So if all goes well, it will fly itself. Regardless, I'll be fully trained to operate it in an emergency. The landing portion will be done aboard SkyCarrier's lunar vehicle, which I'm eminently qualified to fly by hand. Before the landing, though, I'll be performing a test flight of the Lunar Vehicle in Low Earth Orbit, just to be sure."
It was still impossible to tell if the room full of scientists took him seriously, or if they were just being polite. Whatever the case, it was time to wrap up.
"I would be very grateful for your consideration, and I'm willing to undergo any training you deem necessary to perform your experiments. Thank you, very much, for your time." He stepped off the stage to the sound of them all clapping. The applause seemed a little stronger than what would be obligatory, but not much.
He went behind the curtain and leaned against the wall, suddenly aware that sweat had soaked through his shirt. He was thankful for his blazer, which he unbuttoned to get a little air. "Hey, that wasn't bad," said his manager, website designer, and lifelong friend Archer. "It's like you're a completely different person up there."
"Oh, fuck off," Leo replied, giving Archer a light punch on the shoulder. "I'm still the same crazy bastard I've always been."
"Well it sounds like the crowd doesn't know about-" Leo shushed Archer with a scowl.
"And they don't need to. The FAA didn't know about it, because it's nobody's fucking business. If anyone asks, remind them that the story was printed in a stupid tabloid."
"Alright, sorry to bring up a sore subject," Archer said apologetically. He eyed his phone with a bright smile.
"The site got two hundred hits in the minute after you stepped off stage. Given that there's only three hundred and fifty-eight in attendance, I would call that a good chance of success."
"Yeah, 'til they see the price tag."
"Well that price will drop if you can fill the second seat. Speaking of which-" Archer paused, thumbing away at his phone, "-you got an email."
"From who?"
"Doctor....uh, I can't pronounce this name. Anyway, she wants to know if the lander has two seats as well." Archer turned his phone towards Leo, who couldn't help but notice the profile picture attached. The doctor was stunningly pretty.
"I mean, yeah. It's a bit more risk...the Comet could fly her home by herself if she stayed on it. But hey, I'm down if she is."
Hi! This might seem like a niche RP, but I got the idea after watching Inspiration4 a few weeks ago! Leo is a fearless airplane pilot with a dream of going to the moon - but also a few closet skeletons from his early 20's that might come back to haunt him. It's a bit of a challenge for Leo to hold himself together in the serious, pretentious world of higher academia.
If you're interested, you will play the brilliant and lovely researcher who's sent by the Frontier Institute to accompany him! Spoiler alert: shit goes sideways, and it will take courage and teamwork for the two of them to make it home alive.
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2021.10.23 02:41 A-D-Drakorra Hipo, Critical Politician

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2021.10.23 02:41 candybree [Thank You] for a mailbox full of smiles!

u/Babyraspberry thank you for the adorable Halloween card and all the beautiful paper and stickers! If I had to choose between the Alien aliens and Kayako I would probably choose the aliens. At least they are physical and you can see/hear them coming!!
u/DazeyFerry thank you for the beautiful card you made me! I absolutely adore the blue flowers and the paper you used. It's stunning! 🥰
u/Flower_Naive thank you for the Denali National Park postcard for World Postcard Day. It's beautiful 🥰
u/Rokrchik thank you for the Washington Post card for World Postcard Day. I love how the trees look when their leaves are changing colours!
u/welshfancy thank you for the Sleepy Bear postcard. After a harrowing adventure in another mailbox he finally reached me and Judy safely. She is so happy to have him next to her. Forever.
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2021.10.23 02:41 topredditbot [Highlight] Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard get into an altercation on the sidelines [r/nba by u/lupertazzis]

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2021.10.23 02:41 CharCharz76 Can anybody help!!

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2021.10.23 02:41 bassdrums_and_bears compilation of me dying to olgierd 34 times in my lv100 ng+ towel only playthrough. (still have to beat him) i think Ollie is not a great fan of witchers from the school of the bathrobe. (apologies for the audio at some points)

compilation of me dying to olgierd 34 times in my lv100 ng+ towel only playthrough. (still have to beat him) i think Ollie is not a great fan of witchers from the school of the bathrobe. (apologies for the audio at some points) submitted by bassdrums_and_bears to Witcher3 [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 02:41 Ratamis_Prime Will we ever see AEW , ROH work together?

Or too much bad blood? Politics..sorry im not in the like to see them cross promote..thoughts comments welcome
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2021.10.23 02:41 whatever-i-want-i-do Beginner rune magic

Hey people.
Quick question; in your opinion, what's the best book for learning beginner rune magic? I've already read about the individual runes and the world around them, and I'm now looking for an introduction to the miss practical side
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2021.10.23 02:40 MarsAdept What do you like to think about before falling asleep?

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2021.10.23 02:40 pseudoapathetic I have my exams in two weeks and I'm already fretting as I haven't prepared that well ? Any tips/hacks

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2021.10.23 02:40 PigsCanFly2day downloading YouTube livestreams?

Looking for an easy way to download YouTube livestreams. Ideally one that allows you to go back & record from the beginning (if YouTube supports it).
I see stuff that links me to GitHub & seems to require some knowledge in coding / command prompts & using Python or whatever & unfortunately that all seems beyond my skills. (I'm not nearly as savvy as most of you guys.)
I even have trouble using youtube-dl for regular non-livestream downloads, so that should give you an idea of my skill. I mostly use JDownloader 2.
If it has a simple GUI, that'd be ideal, but I'm open to anything that isn't super complex. Like, if I have to put a list of URLs with some short command text at the end & then click a link & the application pulls it, that's okay too. But I don't know any programming language, so it'd have to be pretty straight forward.
In the past, I used ee.yrewind & it worked so-so. I remember trying to update it to a newer version at one point & I think it came with malware or something & I had to get rid of it. That was a while ago, so I'm not sure. Either way, it felt kinda sketchy, so I'm looking for something more trustworthy.
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2021.10.23 02:40 LizHurleyBikini Jessica alba

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2021.10.23 02:40 weepn GA Rant

My favorite role in this game is Guardian Angel, I always have scrolls for it. But the way the majority of your targets will play the game / interrogate you is kind of annoying. Sure I get that you want confirmation before you whisper what your role is, but I could care less due to the way I play the role. I like to save my protections so my target is unable to be lynched at the end of the game, but people are constantly pushing the narrative that you have to waste a protection in the beginning of the game just to confirm yourself. I'd rather get hung and still have 2 protections in the grave than waste one on N1 when there's zero information. In my opinion confirming N1 has no benefit whatsoever.

An example of a good game for me today was when I had a game where I was the GA for someone, I whispered to them D1 that I was their GA. D2 they whisper saying "protect to confirm?" and I just ignored them because I hate playing like that. They didn't say anything else to me after that, then D3 I use my first protect, they said "ah I see" on D4. Turns out they were solo CL in CAA and ended up winning because N4 I protected again and there was only 4 people left, me, him, and 2 town.

What are your guys' thoughts on the way people pressure most GA's into protecting N1 or just how the role has accommodated such a specific way of playing for some reason.
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2021.10.23 02:40 abbacadef New high-performance racetrack unveiled north of Calgary

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2021.10.23 02:40 TraditionalGoal422 🚀HealthyDoge Token private pre-sale live| Next 100X Bsc Gem💎| Holder rewards 🔥

🐶 HealthyDoge is the first Social Utility Token. Our purpose is to establish a nexus of solution-oriented enterprises to reward holders and fund mindful community development.
Why HealthyDoge?🐶
HealthyDoge intends to reimagine the current wasteful food production and distribution system with our Food Security Fund while simultaneously establishing a Medical Relief Fund to help people survive the exorbitant costs of treatment that can be sprung on a person when suddenly diagnosed with an unexpected illness.
Why food security?
Our Food Security Fund (FSF) will be deployed to reimagine and innovate the current wasteful nature of food distribution and logistics at home and abroad.
Why medical relief?
Our HealthyDoge Medical Relief Fund (MRF) has one main goal which is to help families and singles pay the financially crippling cost of most life-saving medical treatments, which can occur when insurance has been maxed out or when treatment isn’t covered
✅ Anti Whale
✅ Anti Dump
✅ Anti Bot
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Airdrop Wallet
Token Distribution
9% = Medical Relief Fund (MRF)
9% = Food Security Fund (FSF)
7% = Community Action Fund (CAF)
➡️Contract: 0xfbb078642a5e56a16412b70161bad96052fbee7b
➡️ Pancakeswap :
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.23 02:40 VikrantKu333 Developer

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2021.10.23 02:40 MORGBORG_on_YT Without mentioning the show or game it came from, what is a famous quote?

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2021.10.23 02:40 Shrek_The_Funny I ate an ice cube for dinner

I ate an ice cube for dinner
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