i just typed a wall of text to my friends in the group chat basically saying that i appreciate them

2021.10.23 02:44 alice_skullsplitter i just typed a wall of text to my friends in the group chat basically saying that i appreciate them

i also said stuff about how i’ve never been super social and how all my life i’ve been stabbed in the back by everyone i meet
i honestly kinda feel like a fool, what if they don’t actually give a shit about me?
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2021.10.23 02:44 PolymerGoo It’s pretty dope, really.

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2021.10.23 02:44 naveenssdn23 SAS Tutorial | What is SAS?

The goal for the being of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is to effort with data that are gained from many sources. SAS is used to run SQL queries, retrieve, report, and analyse statistical data. For more details read this article.
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2021.10.23 02:44 solessam Bugged?

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2021.10.23 02:44 AlternativeUse When in Vegas!

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2021.10.23 02:44 h-musicfr Arthrn's new EP "In Depth"

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2021.10.23 02:44 capt_undercats Legit non hedgie here - it is quite possible for us to corner the float through call options.

Hey guys,
First post on gree here. dipped a bit of my toes back then in SPRT and got them acid scarred.
But now I'm aiming to get back at the hedgies involved in this with a vengeance.
the strategy relies on a very simple premise.

  1. SPRT (or GREE) has an extremely strong support base off the 23 dollar mark. it is unlikely to close <20.
  2. there is still very high interest in the float of the stock. for some context, GREE's float is 9m shares, and the average traded volume is about 1- 3m shares. it is not a dead stock; but a manipulated stock.
  3. if retails (or even hedgies against their own) can band together and purchase a total of 90,000 strike 20 call options that expire in November, we can definitely be sure that by options contract wise, we can corner the damn float. This scenario is unlikely, but if it happens, we moon.
  4. a more likely scenario to make a good impact would be to corner the unshorted float. let's just say maybe an estimated 65% of the float is being shorted. that would leave about 4m shares for us to hodl before the shorts get pressure.
imagine if 20000 people buys 2 strike 20 call options each. we would have effectively cornered the float.
  1. if you see a gamma ramp in call options, get ready. at present, strike 20 call options are in the money (itm). this means that if the stock closes above 20 bucks, we are entitled to purchase 100 shares at 20, no matter what the price is.
that's the thing, people that sell you the call options are obligated to buy the stock at whatever the market price is and give it to you. this adds buying pressure especially if there is a sudden influx of call options purchases.
if the buying pressure pushes the price up to the next range of call option strikes (e.g. strike 30), then the process repeats.
you would suddenly have people who didn't have to buy the stock (hoping to make a few pennies) suddenly having to buy the stock.
  1. my personal take: it is likely to see a squeeze pretty soon. GME's squeeze took about 21 days. AMC took about 35 days. stock is at strong support that is stretched over for days. even if it doesn't squeeze, I feel that this seems to be a low risk entry point to get your hands on some shares.
  2. not financial advice. I want to say dyodd, but pretty much, theres not much DD to do fundamentally besides trying to buy at a low risk entry point, get some good ol' stop losses, and hold on dear life lol.
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2021.10.23 02:44 YOLO_SNIPES K/DA - MORE (Yonexx, SVRRIC, NeoPhoenix, Sincat, Bento, Yolo Remix)

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2021.10.23 02:44 Iodixx [QC] Ultimo paio sostitutivo da Muks, questa è la seconda sostituzione per rl che mi faccio fare😪. Grazie in anticipo.

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2021.10.23 02:44 RECOGNIZABLE_NAME- Anyone use cerebrolysin, p21, or bpc 157 (peptides) for post concussion symptoms?

I title says it all. I’ve been struggling with PCs for about 9 months. Wanted to know if anyone has any experience with these peptides and can vouch for their effectiveness
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2021.10.23 02:44 BukkakeWarrior69 White stuff in right eye

I've worn contacts for years but everyday for the past month or two I get white specs in my right eye regardless of how fresh my contacts are. It doesn't hurt and my eyes aren't irritated but I'm worried it isn't normal. They're small and a bit goopy when I dig them out.
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2021.10.23 02:44 RitsuPitsu WTS/WTT Semi Whale Account

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2021.10.23 02:44 timesababy Am I creepy?

Hey guys
So I'm 15, and I'm in highschool, yeah? I've been trying to make more friends because it always seems like I'm spending my lunchtime alone... I don't know, it upsets me. I get anxious talking to people, but in the past few months I've really been pushing myself to put myself out there more. It takes a lots of bravery to say hi to someone, but I DID make a new friend... I've been at this school for 2 years and I've made 1 ex and 1 friend, which is... okay, but I dont know, I was sorta expecting a different experience.
Anyways, on Thursday in my chem class there was this girl... she sits sort of far from my spot so I couldnt really talk to her. But I overheard her conversation with her friend and she seemed funny and cool to talk to. She had a Frida Kahlo shirt, maybe she does art? I do art! And she was wearing these big colourful earrings.
So I wrote on a small piece of paper: "I like your earrings! Wanna have lunch together someday? My instagram is..." and I left my username and signed off with my real name, hoping she'd hit me up and give me a day what worked for her... idk, so I could maybe make a new friend. I threw it onto her desk kinda quick and left the class as soon as I could because I was overwhelmed by panic... it was... a big deal for me. On friday (today) we didnt talk, but we had a unit exam so we literally couldn't.
I'm just starting to become worried that maybe I was being creepy... I mean... a note, seriously? I hope she didnt find me creepy. I hope her and her friend didnt laugh at me and how pathetic I am giving people little notes hoping someone will hang out with me.
Last time I tried to make a friend, it also went badly. I saw a kid sitting alone for lunch and went up to him. I said "can I join you for lunch?" And he nodded. I sat down and was like "hi, I'm name, what's your name?" And he gave me his name. I said nice to meet you, and I was going to ask him about his classes (conversation starter) but he looked like he wanted to speak but he was chewing soemthing and couldnt, so I waited for him. Then he said that he actually had to go inside just then, and we awkwardly said bye... thing is, I couldn't tell if he left because he thought I was weird, or if he left because he actually needed to leave...
Another time, I drew this kinda popular boy in my social class (I dont have a crush on him or anything, but he is kinda cute) and I was going to leave it on his desk but my friend advised me against it saying that he would probably be creeped out...
I dont know what I'm doing wrong here! How come nobody gives me the time of fucking day? I try really hard. I have yet to receive an Instagram message from the girl. I bet she thinks I'm a fucking creep. Goddamn it, everyone thinks I'm weird and nobody likes me and nobody wants to talk to me. I swear I don't bite.
I'm just frustrated honestly. I'm frustrated that I put in effort to try to befriend people and nobody really reciprocates.
I'm not saying anyone HAS TO be my friend... it's okay, nobody is obligated to like me... but you'd think that they'd at least give me a chance...
How am I supposed to fucking make friends? Everyone already has friends from last year or from junior high and I'm just the odd one out. Everyone else is so different from me. I'm kinda crying right now because I just feel kinda excluded. Maybe I'm being dramatic but it starts to get to you, always being alone, your friends from junior high goin to different schools, and everyone else is in their lil groups and you got no one...
I sorta went on a tangent there. Anwyays, was the thing with the note and the girl a little bit... weird? Creepy? Overeager? I had good intentions but I'm kinda freaked out that the reason she didnt message me is because she thinks I'm weird.
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2021.10.23 02:44 melanincat spiritual people, do i need to believe in or follow astrology to be spiritual?

i’m just personally not into it or interested in it but so many people say it affects your life (ex: manifestations)
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2021.10.23 02:44 Sinnerman9991 I just finished this 😵

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2021.10.23 02:44 MrRoot3r A sub for posting about saving items/electronics from being recycled/trashed

Title basically, I did a little looking but didnt see anything.
Theres gotta be one, if theres a sub about recycling, there should be one about its bigger better cousin, reusing.
I am primarily interested in electronics, because the amount of perfectly working stuff ive seen is insane.
Seriously recycling WORKING electronics is so much worse than letting someone else use them, they just pull the valuable metals out and trash everything else. Especially things like CRT tvs that will continue to dwindle in number as people junk them.
Thanks for coming to my ted talk :)
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2021.10.23 02:44 earthcomedy Melbourne 🇦🇺 No WAX Pass, No Worries 🔥 St Kilda Street side UNWAXXED Picnic Bonanza

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2021.10.23 02:44 uzzol33 AITECHio

#cryptocurrency #solidusaitech #cryptoinvestment #blockchain #investment #cryptocurrencyinvestment #cryptonews #AI The project sets out the best for the great ideas and great team.I like this project very much.This project will be a good platform.
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2021.10.23 02:44 Adventurous-Arm6210 Free Cayo

Add my psn, LordDarkness7418, please have a mic
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2021.10.23 02:44 thenameiseaston Mae selling for 92

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2021.10.23 02:44 Puzzleheaded-Egg-986 Suppressor db testing charts

Hi, I'm looking for suppressor test data. I've seen the older silencer central chart and was looking for more data on current suppressors. If anyone has any links or has data they've gotten themselves I'd appreciate it! https://www.silencercentral.com/blog/we-tested-27-rifle-suppressors-heres-what-we-found/
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2021.10.23 02:44 BatFamUnite Young Jedi Knights Series- Anyone know where to find them, I need to find some missing books?

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2021.10.23 02:44 RonTheRatKing Do it be my queen? 😳👉👈

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2021.10.23 02:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - PNP runs after Facebook accounts, pages offering passport appointment slot for a fee | Manila Bulletin

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2021.10.23 02:44 Causality2 Just finished watching the movie

I got chills and cried 3 times in the span of 2 hours. That is all.
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