Campfire 🔥 ($CAMPFIRE) - Doxxed Devs - FIRST Double Rewards Token ( BNB) 💸 - FIRST ever NFTs with farming and mining system ⚙️ - Mega Chinese Community Collaborations

2021.10.23 00:46 TraditionalGoal422 Campfire 🔥 ($CAMPFIRE) - Doxxed Devs - FIRST Double Rewards Token ( BNB) 💸 - FIRST ever NFTs with farming and mining system ⚙️ - Mega Chinese Community Collaborations

Introducing CampFire!
CampFire is a unique token that will provide its users with double reflection rewards! Both coin reflections have been chosen to provide both immediate and long term financial applications. We selected both BNB and Ethereum to be to provide our users with instant funds, both in the form of passive income and also give them the best opportunity to profit long term.
Only 1/10th of the supply will be released to public sale, the remaining has to be mined. Use your $CAMPFIRE or other tokens to stake and mine and receive $FIRE tokens. That is just the beginning. CampFire will have staking and yield farming pools as well set to release shortly after launch. You will be able to stake tokens into farming pools for rewards from Major 3rd party tokens.
NFTS!!! CampFire will also be launching it's NFT line up introducing Pyromaniacs "Smokeys" 10,000 unique collectable NFTs.
-One-of-a-kind Multi-layered presale. Liquidity will be inserted into sections based on the order it was received. The benefits from this are obvious to early birds.
-Devs live video doxxed
-Next Level marketing.
-Buy-back-and-burn for a rock-solid liquidity
-The first token on Binance to introduce a dual rewards system featuring ETH and WBNB-First ever NFTs with farming & mining system
-Life-time passive income generating utility token
-Mega chinese market collaborations & partnerships
Reserve your spot in CampFire's presale now, this one was born in space.
16% reflection rewards in $WBNB (6% Buy, 6% Sell)
7% buy back & burn (2% buy, 5% sell)
6% marketing (2% buy, 4% sell)
Contract: 0xe3824a7af6981559977c45ade4db62052792fbe7
🚀Renounced Ownership:
Presale is LIVE right now!
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2021.10.23 00:46 CurrentNet5516 Best YouTube Downloader?

What is the best (Paid) YouTube Downloader? I would like to download channels and long playlists including "watch later". Willing to buy a subscription.
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2021.10.23 00:46 cauliflowerandcurry AP Bio made mandatory in an LAUSD high school track (!)

My son was told AP Bio was mandatory for him because he had taken H Bio. At the time I believed the counselor. Now I know she was lying. What can I do? There is a cover up ongoing at the school. They need to remove the class (he has two Ds which are severely hurting his GPA). The cover up is because the counselor has told this to others but not all students were told this. Some were just told "it is good for you". The Assistant Principal over counseling is covering up and misrepresented me in an email to the principal stating I just wanted a grade change...not true. I want the classes removed as we never consented. Suggestions are welcome as to where one would go for something like this.
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2021.10.23 00:46 Competitive-Cow-8055 FINANCIAL ADVICE: Use 2FA On Everything!!

This Goes out to everyone not using 2FA security! Since it is up to you to secure your account and protect your crypto, two-factor is a must!!
If you use any cryptocurrency exchange, you’ll want to use some form of two-factor authentication to secure your account, The primary reason for this is that in crypto, unlike with say your bank account, there is no fraud protection or recovery process for stolen funds if your accounts get hacked!

"A 2019 report from Microsoft concluded that 2FA works, blocking 99.9% of automated attacks. If a service provider supports multi-factor authentication, Microsoft recommends using it, even if it's as simple as SMS-based one-time passwords"
What is Two-Factor Authentication? In simple terms, two-factor authentication is a second layer of security that involves a unique code being generated on an app on your phone or other electronic device, That code, along with your username and password, is used to log into accounts on which you’ve set up two-factor, This means, on accounts where you have 2FA set up, you’ll need both the 2FA code for that specific account and the username and password to log in!
Why you need it? Even strong passwords can be broken or compromised by a remote attacker. if you have 2FA and someone who gets your password they will be prevented from gaining access to your wallet because they will also require your 2FA code. Unlike your password, your 2FA code changes with each login attempt and is retrieved from your mobile device, two-factor authentication means adding another layer of security to your account!
What 2fa should i use? top 5 authentication apps

  1. Authy — Easy to use, feature-rich and supports multi-device sync
  2. Google Authenticator — A widely adopted standard across major websites
  3. andOTP — An open-source alternative that has more features than the competition
  4. LastPass Authenticator — Similar to Google Authenticator, but works within the LastPass ecosystem
  5. Microsoft Authenticator — Also similar to Google Authenticator, but works especially well with Microsoft services
What should i use 2FA on? You should apply 2FA settings on Exchanges for logging and withdrawing funds and Email account or any other site or application that has sensitive information on it that you don't want compromised.
Conclusion it's a matter of balancing security and convenience. But for most people, the few minutes it takes to set up an authenticator app are more than worth the benefit, Adding 2FA to your online accounts is one of the most important steps you can take right now to dramatically improve your online security.
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2021.10.23 00:46 futbol_dl Fekir or Bernardo silva? Who would be better to complete if only can do one of them?

View Poll
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2021.10.23 00:46 LumpySpacePants Spooky-tober (Work On Progress)

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2021.10.23 00:46 huckleberry28582 39 M4F - guy looking for a fun friend and an escape.

5’7” 170, dapper guy looking to chat and see where it goes. Hit me up!
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2021.10.23 00:46 Jazzoski Outlet pickup

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2021.10.23 00:46 Itchy-Researcher-992 Howdy-Ho

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2021.10.23 00:46 succ2020 Idk what flair should I use

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2021.10.23 00:46 SirFrostyNips LF clean cars nonscratched/realistic looking- SirFrostyNipps is psn

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2021.10.23 00:46 snakeskin39 Whats your favourite food and drink?🧑🏻‍🍳

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2021.10.23 00:46 Accomplished-Act51 My mom complained why I have a creepy portrait of a face in every room of my house.

I don’t listen to her because she also thinks I don’t have any windows in my house when I have one window in every room of my house.
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2021.10.23 00:46 Tiger21945 What's something unexpected you found on the internet that you had no idea could possibly exist?

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2021.10.23 00:46 supreme-elysio as a young justice fan i feel your pain

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2021.10.23 00:45 Lunao_ Found this lil scorpion in Vic Australia. Any ideas on what it is?

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2021.10.23 00:45 reddit_feed_bot Lifezette: 9 House Republicans Vote To Hold Bannon In Contempt of Congress

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2021.10.23 00:45 malikbj [M22][XB1] Looking To Sell 250k QS $21 Each

Only have 4 left
Paypal Friend and Family Only
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2021.10.23 00:45 harddisc Drones to monitor minority community areas in Kashmir.

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2021.10.23 00:45 Lucas_Reddit_Account Give me a number from 1-46 and I’ll give you a song in my playlist

I’m bored
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2021.10.23 00:45 kmcclry A bit delayed with the weekend of silence...but who said that le mickey was a bad thing?

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2021.10.23 00:45 Halifax1942 [PC] [ds3] [help] help with freide at a low level

I need help with friede at a low level I'm outside the fog gate and the pass is 1942 if you can help
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2021.10.23 00:45 Shot-Avocado-3669 THE BEST HERO PLAYER ALIVE(ME)...

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