Hm yes

2021.10.23 00:40 BreadBoiYT Hm yes

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Big sale for REDDIT members. Lmk you from REDDIT to get this discount.
MY PRICES: Crypto ( BTC , LTC , USDT ... ) + Paypal Friend & Family
  1. Can I get my own account upgraded?
Of course. I will upgrade your account to premium. As long as you're not a family member.
  1. Will I need to give you my login details?
Absolutely not, just provide your gmail address and then confirm the invitation to complete
  1. Do I have to change my country or use VPN?
Absolutely not.
4. Do I have to renew monthly?
Absolutely not. It is renewed automatically and you do nothing for the duration of its usage
5. Is my account at risk?
Absolutely not. All my upgrades are legal. So no risk, no banned, no kicked.
6. How does the warranty work?
Warranty is fulltime. If my method stops working, the remaining warranty period will be reserved until I find a new method. no refund.
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2021.10.23 00:40 draken2019 Vipermagi for trade

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2021.10.23 00:40 Pandora_aden Eternal Darkness - Any% No CS speedrun in 1:29:21

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2021.10.23 00:40 Sidarthus Anime_irl

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2021.10.23 00:40 Wirecreate Keep extra watch over your fury friends on Halloween

During Halloween people are superstitious and my try to harm animals especially black cats just a PSA
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2021.10.23 00:40 Ok_Apple_3417 Am I (29F) his (43M) mid life crisis?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months. I've worked with him for the past 4 years and he's always complained to everyone about his wife and how much their relationship sucks. He said he stayed with her because of the kids.
This time last year we started doing a phased opening at work and him and I would work with each other every other month and he started making comments to me married men shouldn't make like "you look so sexy today." We kissed one night after drinks. I immediately regretted it and stopped him.
A couple weeks later he told me he left his wife. This is confirmed and less than a month later we started hanging out and then started dating. We're extremely different and I think I bring out his "younger" side. I can't help but wonder if it's going through a midlife crisis. He just brought a brand new sports car. He's taking more risks than he every would before. He tells me I'm rubbing off on him, but I don't know.
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2021.10.23 00:40 Unhappy_Caregiver_81 What hides behind the mountain?

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2021.10.23 00:40 Sykekey06 My Not So Berry Generations 1-8

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2021.10.23 00:40 Baku-Madarame_UsoGui Chad Logon Ke Liye Chad Meme

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2021.10.23 00:40 agcextras Do I have appendicitis?

18 year old female, I don’t smoke nor do I take any medication
At about 3pm today while I was at work I got a sudden sharp pain in my lower right abdomen to the point where I could barely move. That pain lasted for about a half hour and it’s been slowly subsiding since then. The pain isn’t actively hurting but when I press it hurts. I haven’t coughed or sneezed but when I laughed it did hurt a little bit. Everyone I ask is telling me to go to the hospital or get it checked out but I really just have no idea. This started about 7 hours ago
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2021.10.23 00:40 Xaudio Early Game Item Scourging (small rant)

I will preface with "I enjoy the league mechanic".

However, please remove the item level cap for multiple scourges on items. I want to scourge my items early, but the fact that i KNOW that I can brick my item and can't do anything about it makes me not want to scourge items I want to use and rather scourge white items as "alchemy orbs". I feel like one of the big selling points of this league was the fact that you CAN "go again", as it were. I think the early game would be way more engaging if this restriction would be removed.

(end rant)
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2021.10.23 00:40 MoonlessNightss Will macbook pro be available in store 26 october in canada

I read somewhere that the new macbooks pro will be available in store on the 26 of october, in the US. Is this true for Canada as well? On the apple website it says that the order will take ~1 month to process, so why isn't everyone just waiting for the stores to have them and get them instantly instead of waiting 1 month? Also does apple accept cash in store for big purchases (~4k dollars) due to the pandemic?
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2021.10.23 00:40 Muted-Cicada-2033 College Student Using Microsoft Office

I have done a lot of research on what I am going to be missing out on, but I want to hear it from people with real-life experiences-what am I missing out on? I am a political science major, so I will be writing a lot of papers when I clear out my Gen Ed courses. Apart from that I see myself using One Note for obvious purposes, PowerPoint for the occasional presentation and light Excel.
Can I afford to sacrifice the lost features or do I need to torture myself with a Windows computer again?
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2021.10.23 00:40 Kaiii01 Help with setup for dark lighting video

Hi Everyone,
Maybe this topic is basic for some, but is a confusion to me. I planned to make a guitar cover video which has a dark lighting on it. Those kinds where the subjects are brighter and background are dark.
This is the sample from one YouTuber of what kind of video/lighting I wanna achieve.
I know there are lots of videos online teaching how to do these setup. But I'm still confused. Some video use lots of light. Literally bright. Then reduce ISO. Some video teach to turn off all your light, etc. Do I need a lot of light then play around with my iso/aperture to 'darken' the video? Or turn the light off, use minimal light source and have a lens for low light? Now, my mirrorless camera is on its way. I don't have it on me to test. But I am already throwing out cash, impulse buying all these low aperture lenses. Because I wanna shoot in 'low light' dark environment in my room. Any tips and advice? I have 2 rectangular softbox (non variable wattage) so there are 2 powerful light source I have in hand.
I know some might think, the answer is already there in my post. That, I can just follow whatever method I saw online. To that, I should add that, my gear will be Sony ZV-E10, and the lens I have is the kitlens 18mm-50mm and Sigma 30mm f1.4 and gonna buy Sigma 16mm f1.4.
Just because everyone bought it. And it is for 'low light'
I appreciate any advice. Thank you
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2021.10.23 00:40 Pointyhawk Developing on local machine, but testing code on a VM

I am currently in a situation where I am developing on my local machine (MacBook Pro) but needing to test the code within a VM (Linux). Coding within the VM itself is a painful process due to VirtualBox's performance on my Mac.
I have previously been committing from my local machine and pulling inside the VM, but I often find myself having to hard reset within the VM due to git not wanting to overwrite any files. Sometimes I do make a quick change within the VM, and my code itself produces files, but I do not want to ever commit from inside the VM
I'm not very experienced with git, but could someone point me in the right direction? Is this a scenario fast forward is meant for?

P.S. I'm ~really~ trying to avoid using file sharing within VirtualBox
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2021.10.23 00:40 mothercocconuts My beautiful half Maine coon, Lulu ❤️

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2021.10.23 00:40 Expert_Leave_7336 Best economy cigar? $5 ish

Looking for a cheap daily.
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2021.10.23 00:40 postmastern IT-юмор

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2021.10.23 00:40 SnooLentils9961 SOMEONE POST A FUCKING LIVESTREAM LINK!

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2021.10.23 00:40 Frosty_Reception_581 Integritee Referral code : 5% BONUS on your rewards

Integritee Referral code : 5% BONUS on your rewards Use this code for Integritee crowdloan on Kusama (3rd batch of parachain !)
Referral code : RZXiH18C
Or use this link
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2021.10.23 00:40 Ok_Session_7773 What is a good thing you did for someone that they are still unaware of?

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2021.10.23 00:40 Sieggy_Stardust So I decided to marathon-replay all of Impuritas in a single sitting, and...

Get absolutely FUCKED Baral, holy shit. I didnt even know you could do this? Not a single defeat from Hana to Head, and then I cap it off with an Arbitrating the Arbiter attempt that kills an Executioner.
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2021.10.23 00:40 SnooCapers4535 Roughly $20 dollars a day

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2021.10.23 00:40 demonslayerplayer Just beat Samael in SMT 3 and not sure where to go next.

I tried to look it up and most sources say to finish the labyrinth of Amala, but I thought that Amala was optional. I can’t get into Kagutsuchi.
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