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Zonguldak Dodurga Web Tasarım

2021.12.06 18:22 sitesepetim Zonguldak Dodurga Web Tasarım

Dodurga Atalay web tasarım Dodurga Gizem web tasarım
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2021.12.06 18:22 Effective_Location_9 Evergrande insolvency ignored

Everyone is sweeping this under the rug as though it is nothing ... lots of liquidity issues on the way. Just saying.
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2021.12.06 18:22 Repulsive-Register67 Staking your crypto on DeFi is the best thing you can do in major and minor dips.

People panicking everywhere, losing their hard earned money isn't something that's gonna help you sleep better at night in the crypto world you need some sort of insurance that you won't take a loss everytime there's a dip.
Sometimes that means investing in a DAO and gaining some governance tokens, you can start by investing in tokens during dips and gaining them for a more affordable price like AAVE or AlGO but you can also invest in low cap projects like New Order's NEWO after it launches, all of these are possible ways you can go around major losses.
Hang in there boys and gals, we're in this together.
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2021.12.06 18:22 Nohan07 Les chiffres du Covid reflètent-ils vraiment la circulation du virus dans le département ?

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2021.12.06 18:22 spleenyrob If you had one year to make one million dollars, what would you do?

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2021.12.06 18:22 Motion_Blur29 Minecraft 1.18 honest update review

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2021.12.06 18:22 tripacrossamerica Devil's Tower, WY, 2015

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2021.12.06 18:22 derallo Does anyone know these connectors, they came with lights from a cheese e-commerce site, and I want to get an extension.

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2021.12.06 18:22 sriiiiiii___ Favorite camping spot in online

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2021.12.06 18:22 17no38 Guppy on life alert!?

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2021.12.06 18:22 buubble LC curry swingman jersey? Looks real but I read real ones don’t have the white paper inside the patch, and has size on the neck?

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2021.12.06 18:22 lndoril-Nerevar Canonverse post TLJ or TROS fanfics with BIG PAIN TRAINS? The fluffier and angstier with big payoffs, the better!! (No “legit” dark fics please, Ben can be sad but I don’t want him to be cruel)

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2021.12.06 18:22 ASU_dvlgirl Favorite holiday activities/events in Phoenix area?

I work with disabled adults and I am looking for low cost or free holiday events preferably on a Phoenix or East Valley.
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2021.12.06 18:22 froffiesmcveigh Playing Royal Adelaide early next year. Private course ranked 11 in Australia and pretty sure it snuck into the top 100 in the world at #99.

Playing Royal Adelaide early next year. Private course ranked 11 in Australia and pretty sure it snuck into the top 100 in the world at #99. submitted by froffiesmcveigh to golf [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 18:22 mytwentythredditid [resolved] Why do I have to restart my PC to play Planetside 2 after closing Planetside 2?

edit The root cause is steam. I figured it out while making this post. I'm leaving the post as-is so that hopefully other people googling for an answer will find it and know how to fix it. Copy the files out of the steam install to C:\Planetside2 (where the daybreak launcher wants to put planetside) and play without steam. Steam is the reason the game locks up on load, for some reason. The game overlay was turned off, so it isn't (just?) the overlay.
original post I've tried googling this and I get nowhere. When I first boot up my PC, if I try to play planetside 2 it works, most of the time, on the first try. But if I play for a while and close the game, then try to play later, my game freezes on start up. Exact series of events:

  1. Launch game via steam.
  2. PS2 launcher loads
  3. Push "Play" in launcher.
  4. PS2 screen pops up
  5. Loading bar in the top-left under the Planetside 2 text/logo starts at its initial position of ~8%, the green dots under it animate.
  6. About 10 seconds later, the animated green dots freeze and the process is locked up. I have to kill it via task manager and the only way to play again is to reboot my PC.
Things i know it isn't:
Anyway, anyone have any ideas for why this is happening? It isn't a new problem. I'm pretty sure this problem is why I quit the last time and that would have been around the start of COVID.
Had anyone else had this problem?
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2021.12.06 18:22 wizardoftrash Infinite's Shop is still a disappointment, changes needed

I’ve continued to play throughout the beta, and have kept an eye on the shop most days. These are my thoughts as an OG halo fan who has spent money on cosmetics in other free-to-play titles.
TLDR bundles are a poor value for their price, too few offerings at a time, and I expected flashier things for sale. Despite checking often, I still haven’t bought anything outside of the battle pass, and a combination of the prices and how restrictive customization is are the main culprits.
1: Bundles - I expect bundles to be a good value for the money. In other free to play games I’ve enjoyed, even those with expensive micro-transactions, Bundles exist because the items are sold separately for a given price and bundled together for a discount. Infinite currently does not offer items separately at all, but it absolutely should, and the bundle version ought to be cheaper than what is being slung around in the shop right now. Not a single bundle I’ve seen so far has included mostly items that I wanted, usually I want only the coating or only one armor component, and they are very clearly packaged with less desirable assets intentionally. If the part I wanted were sold separately for a fair percentage of the cost of the bundle, that would have been a sale. If the bundle itself were discounted, I might have picked up a bundle or two for some variety, but so far they haven’t hooked me yet and that’s kind of a shame. Improve the value of the bundles, or decrease their price, or sell their parts separately, ideally all 3 of those things would improve the shop experience.
2: Lack of selection - There are too few items in the shop at a given time, like way too few for a triple-A shooter title. If the full 3 weeks worth of rotating items were in the shop all at once, with a daily special or rotating discount instead of rotating offerings, that would have been more in line with my expectations. One reason I keep not buying shop items is because my next favorite helm or shoulder might be tomorrow’s daily, or next week’s weekly bundle. If I’m not 100% in love with a cosmetic, I’m not spending the same price as a pot of actual paint (like a really good paint color for miniatures is about $5 where I’m at), and so far I’ve been assuming that there might be coatings and armor parts that I like more yet-to-be rotated in. If the ready-assets were all in the shop available for purchase, I’d be able to make an informed decision about how I want to equip my various cores, and that might lead to some sales. As it stands so far, I’m holding out for some of the leaked content that I know is done and being held-back before I shell out for parts.
3: Dull Options - So far, there have only been a handful of bundles that have the kinds of items I expect to show up in the shop. Katanas, extra knives, camo patterns, the pineapples, these are the kinds of items that ought to be the head-liner for every shop bundle. It should stand out from the free content, it should stand out from the starting colors, and it should really show off what a next gen shooter can do in terms of eye candy. Also, if I'm spending a premium on an accessory, I should be able to actually use it with my choice of armor. If a shop item is something I would have unlocked from a bronze-teir req pack in Halo 5 though, we’ve got to have a chat. About 75% of the armor parts, helms, visors, emblems, etc from shop bundles I’ve seen so far fall under the category of “this should have been in the free part of the battle pass” because they are just downright boring. Sure these items look solid from a technical standpoint, clean and well designed, but they are too dull to cost more than a coffee. Only one or two shop bundle armor parts have I seen than made me think “wow, this looks great” and that should be the whole shop. If it isn’t a real jaw-dropper, it probably should be in the battle pass or otherwise unlock-able through play, because I sure as heck won’t pay extra for it.
4: Armor Cores are too rigid - and this is the real doozey for me. I’m not thrilled that armor parts are locked to specific cores, especially given that Bots have had mixed-core armor throughout the beta, and Waypoint app bugs show that the parts are visually compatible and look fine together. I’m downright livid that armor coatings/visors are locked to cores however. It makes coordinating the color scheme of your cores nearly impossible, since only a few of the “starter” colors were available for the Yoroi (and all shop exclusive), and most of the premium and unshockable coatings are only available for a single core. To my knowledge there was a single shop bundle that had a coating for all 3 cores (I think it was Dust Wind for Yoroi, and Forgotten Sands for MKV and MKV11) and it just wasn’t my style. The rest of the bundles I’ve seen that have a decent looking coating It’s been locked to a core that I don’t care for enough to justify the price, or bundled with items that I just don’t want to buy. If the coatings and visors could be applied to any core, I’d be singing a different tune, and that’s doubly true of armor parts were more flexible. Until at least the coatings and visors loosen up however, or the shop shifts to always include a full set, I’m going to be really picky about picking up a bundle for a color.
The core theme of my feedback is that there just isn’t enough variety in the customization system for me to be satisfied. In theory that variety is there, but so much of it is locked behind shop paywalls in rotating bundles that it is hard to really see what options are really there. Pair that with the lackluster selection from the battle pass, and it feels like a real step back from previous games. It shouldn’t feel like a step back for the series, and I sincerely hope 343 takes steps to improve the shop experience.
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2021.12.06 18:22 TheAnimeSquadPodcast The Anime Squad Podcast

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2021.12.06 18:22 MauledByANannyDog Lab mix they said

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2021.12.06 18:22 superpotato_____ can i order a otamatone that will arrive before christmas in the uk?

the title says it all
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2021.12.06 18:22 oaf357 GitOps: An implementation of DevOps

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2021.12.06 18:22 jusksmit ULTI ARENA | CMC & Coingecko | Doxed Team | Frequent AMA's | Proof-Of-Gaming | Ultimate Battle Arena | Leonicorn Swap | Polygon Integration | NFT Marketplace | Whitepaper | BSC Times Partnership | Audited Twice & Certik Audit | Entered Asian & US Market | Chainlink Integration

☼ Ulti Arena is aiming to be the largest Gaming and NFT Market space of 2021. It will be a big community involving gamers, game artists, developers and freelancers. A community where people connect with each other through discussion boards, showcase their work and earn money.
🏆 Proof-Of-Gaming is coming on December 15 and the first game to be played on is DOTA2! CEO of Ulti Arena, Duke Vu, showcased PoG LIVE on November 18! The gameplay showed how PoG works and how much $Ulti players can potentially earn. Check out the stream recap here.
\* To learn more about PoG have a look at Ulti Arena's whitepaper!
🎮 Ulti Arena has officially started developing its own game, Ultimate Battle Arena. We are happy to announce our partnerships with Remote Control Productions and Frag Games who we'll work with on our own CCCG (Crypto-Collectable Card Game).
✅ NFT Marketplace is LIVE! We have around 500 artists started uploading their NTF's/Digital Arts. Head over to our marketplace and purchase your favorite art!
⭐ Ulti Arena has partnered up with Chainlink! Chainlink is integrating price feeds on Binance Chain for Ulti Arena in order to provide accurate pricing in our NFT Marketplace. Ulti Arena is also integrating Chainlink VRF to fairly distribute reward tokens to players in secure and verifiable manner. We have an article on our medium going in depth with the details, you may find it here. Chainlink Twitter announcement regarding our partnership here.

🚨 We are officially participating in Binance MVBIII Program and building our relationship with Binance early! Hopefully in the future Ulti Arena will be listed in Binance Exchange.
🚨 Ulti Arena is working with SIMPLEX which will allow $Ulti's to be purchased directly via Credit Cards!
🚨 Ulti Arena partnered up with TIXL and CROSS CHAIN BRIDGE. Polygon <-> BSC bridge are using their technology.
🚨 Staking & Farming operations has begun via our own UI. Check out our web or visit the respective links: Staking here, farming here.
🚨 26.000 holders and counting.
🚨 Ulti Arena is listed on Bitmart, CoinTiger, HotBit, LBank and ZT exchanges! Agreements with more CEX's are in works!
🚨We are thrilled to announce our partnership with BTS Labs! BTS Labs are one of the best incubators in the Chinese blockchain market. They have partnered up with many projects such as Aave, Sushi, Polkadot, ATROMG8, Intexcoin, and DDR. Together we will reach new investors, provide high quality products and maintain brand integrity.
🚨 We are happy to announce our new strategic partnership with DLabs! Their team has a unique mix of software developers, data scientists, UX designers, statisticians, mathematicians, and physicists who understand the complex AI processes and how to use them to simplify business. This partnership will secure Proof of Gaming product to be delivered in full capacity.
🚨 Ulti Arena partnered up with Lenonicorn Swap! You may find more about the upcoming partnership in the article here.
🚨 Ulti Arena is getting noticed more and more everyday! Benzinga wrote about us; they have 33Mil monthly visitors. Read the article here.
🚨 Ulti Arena's Merch Shop has opened. Visit the store for cool merch! https://merch.ultiarena.com/
🚨 Ulti Arena has started bringing in talented artists to the platform for our NFT Marketplace. We have signed in over 500 artists/designers already.
🚨 Blockwall Capital, a German-based investor VC of projects such as Solana and Chia, has invested in Ulti Arena! Blockwall Capital I is a token fund focusing on early-stage blockchain infrastructure. The fund invests in blockchain protocols, which are the underlying technology powering the future internet, Web 3.0. We're one of the first NFT / GameFi projects in their portfolio! That brings us to 3 VC's (along with Lucid Blue Ventures and Luna Capital LLC) who are already supporting us with connections and advisory.
🚨 Unsold Tokens from pre-sales have been burned. So far we have burned 46Bil Tokens. That puts our total supply to 204Bil $Ulti's compared to the 250Bil we had at the start. Less supply = Higher Price
🚨 Audit Report by Solidity.Finance.
🚨 Our 2nd Audit Report by Techrate.
🚨 Our 3rd Audit Report by Certik. We have an article on our medium going in depth with the details, you may find it here.
🚨 Check out Ulti Arena's Youtube teaser video!
🚨 We partnered up with Pragmatic Coders.
🚨 Ulti Arena has entered Japanese and Asian Markets: We have now officially entered Japan with one of our trusted Japanese advisors who has vast connections in Crypto Space in Japan, including VC's, Media, YouTube influencers and more.
🚨 Ulti Arena has new VC/Advisor! Head of Polygon/Matic China and also Managing Partner of LucidBlue Ventures has invested in Ulti Arena! Charlie will become our next Advisor and will help us expanding into Chinese Gaming Market. We are very excited to have him on board: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlieyechuanhu/
🚨 Ari Last, VP of Business Development at Simplex, has joined Ulti Arena team! He has 20 years experience in international sales and business development at leading game and media companies such as Ubisoft, Arkadium and Oberon Media. Ari will help us expand collaboration with Exchanges, Wallet providers and Gaming Studios.
🚨 Ama with BSC Times - Must read if you are investing in Ulti Arena: https://bsctimes.com/ulti-arena-ama-with-bsctimes-recap/


Users will have multiple ways to earn $ULTI

PoG: A ground breaking way of earning crypto



🏆Q2 2021: Testnet Launch, Smart Contracts, Wallet Integration, Token PreSale, Start of Development
🏆Q3 2021: IDO, Public Security Audit, Creation & Trade Features, Token Staking, Beta NFT Marketplace Lauch(invitational-only), Unity + Unreal Engine Plugins
🏆Q4 2021: Mainnet Launch, NFT Marketplace Release, Job Matching Marketplace, Discussion Board, Artist Storefront and Portfolio, Social Features, 2D/3D Collaboration Tool
🏆Q1 2022: Proof-Of-Gaming, Binance and Other Major Exchange Listings, Game Client + Analytics, eSports Tournaments, Community Moderation
🏆Q2 2022: Metaverse Integrations, Social Channels, Donations, Mobile Support, Collections
🏆Q3 2022: ULTI Metaverse Game Engine, Metaverse Onboarding of Game, Creators and Influencers, Growth of All ULTI Products
🏆Q4 2022: Coinbase Listing, ULTI Metaverse Engine v2.0, ULTI Metaverse Games made by Creators
THE SINGULARITY: Ulti Arena's goal is to become the centre point for all things gaming. Be part of revolution!

WEBSITE: https://ultiarena.com/
Team Ulti - Find out our Team Members and Advisors
☀︎︎ https://ultiarena.com/ko/index.html Korean version of our website
☀︎︎ https://ultiarena.com/zh-hans/index.html Chinese version of our website

༄ Official Token Contract Address: 0x42BFE4A3E023f2C90aEBFfbd9B667599Fa38514F
Pancake Swap (Slippage: 8%-15%)

Pancake Swap buying guide for Metamask users here (medium article)
༄ Pancake Swap buying guide for TrustWallet users here (medium article)
Youtube buying guide here

Telegram Announcement Channel

  1. Twitter
  2. Our own subreddit
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitch
  5. Youtube

02/06/2021 | Youtube
11/06/2021 | Youtube
09/07/2021 | Youtube
12/08/2021 | Youtube
20/08/2021 | Youtube
26/08/2021 | Youtube
11/09/2021 | Youtube
17/09/2021 | Youtube
25/09/2021 | Youtube
16/10/2021 | Youtube
30/10/2021 | Youtube
19/11/2021 | Youtube

#ultiarena #ultimoon
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2021.12.06 18:22 Studentstyle Vaccination Status Proof France

I am travelling from the UK to France this week. I am vaccinated, and will require proof of this for entry into the country and into shops etc. I don’t have a QR code covid-pass, but I do have my official paper confirmation of vaccination status. It doesn’t have a QR code on it. Will this be suitable proof?
Thanks for any help!
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2021.12.06 18:22 CussdomTidder The real lesson of Judy Justice

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2021.12.06 18:22 fineballr Givenchy back print oversized hoodie

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2021.12.06 18:22 MightBeSyber93 Kobo Clara HD sleeping cover

My Kobo Clara HD has, out of nowhere, completely disabled the feature where when I put it to sleep it shoes the current book I am reading and its progress. I can't find any way to make it go back to what it was and I absolutely hate having the FNAC logo everytime I put it in sleep mode. Please help.
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