Parents are mad that I’m pregnant

2021.12.06 18:15 37DegreesCelsius Parents are mad that I’m pregnant

So I (26F) am 10 weeks pregnant. My husband (27M) and I have been married for 2 years, together for 8+, and have decent paying stable careers, our own place, etc. We were planning on this pregnancy
Yet my parents are PISSED that I am pregnant and I cannot understand why
My brother (20) has a toddler with his girlfriend, and they love the baby, were excited, etc
Not so much with me. I was told it was disappointing, I’m ruining my life, etc.
No excitement from them whatsoever, and it’s honestly hurting my feelings and killing my own excitement :(
Anyone else? Advice?
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2021.12.06 18:15 rhill107 H: Jug/SS/1S MMG W:Offers

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2021.12.06 18:15 TradeClass I closed 2 open trades, so mostly liquid at this time. I am liquid because I expect a big drop. I don't want to miss it because I think MATIC will do $3 when BTC recovers. Want to get into MATIC at 1.80 ish short term. Could be wrong, but my chart explains my thinking. SO SHARING IT NOW.

I closed 2 open trades, so mostly liquid at this time. I am liquid because I expect a big drop. I don't want to miss it because I think MATIC will do $3 when BTC recovers. Want to get into MATIC at 1.80 ish short term. Could be wrong, but my chart explains my thinking. SO SHARING IT NOW. submitted by TradeClass to MoonshotCrypto [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 18:15 rhythmicreason Which is better - All Falls Down with Lauryn Hill or with Syleena Johnson???

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2021.12.06 18:15 Galileos_grandson Station Visitors Near Launch as Crew Stays Busy with Research

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2021.12.06 18:15 CornMech-Prime Is it possible to have two or more units with the Tau VETERAN CADRE upgrade?

I think I've heard of people doing it but I can't find any rules that allow it.
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2021.12.06 18:15 3dollarbillclinton H: qe15rl fixer W: qe15rl rail

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2021.12.06 18:15 Chrisgonzo74 Paz Mar Apartments in Oxnard CA

Hello everyone, I am moving to Ventura County sometime next month to start a new job and I am very much looking forward to the move. However, I have one serious question regarding the area in which I (most likely) will be living. I found a unit at the Paz Mar Apartments on Peninsula Rd an upon first glance I saw a lot of good reviews and I actually did an in person tour of the unit. It is OKAY, but my expectations for an apartment is not too high. Just as I was going to finish the job and sign stuff off I decided to look deeper into things and look at more reviews.
This was where I found out the place might have many issues. I read one review saying that there is a homeless problem and one instance they found someone in the hallways digging through trash. The area in which the apartment is located in looks nice? like it is on the harbor and next to a lot of nice houses and a beach that is near by. Now, does anyone who may know the area have anything to add here? Is this a safe area?
I have checked the Neighborhood Scout and it says the area is very safe, HOWEVER, on CrimeGrade, it says the area is not so safe. I am not sure which website I should trust. So what do yall have to say? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!
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2021.12.06 18:15 National_Parsley4341 RTX 3080 TI issue

I have a rtx 3080 ti, and when i put to mine ETH, the memory goes down to 5.000 MHz, does anyone have this issue?
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2021.12.06 18:15 patr8354 What other task do i need to do other than making coffee & taking care of customers?

I have been working at starbucks for about 2 months so far, and i have been told by a few supervisors that have years of experience that i’m not doing a good job enough and im starting to wonder what am i missing here?
When taking orders i make sure everything is go as planned and mostly ask if they want something else, or if they want a caramel latte instead of a regular latte, that’s only when we aren’t busy. I get along with some customers, and some of them i don’t.
And another thing is where i come from we have to wear masks again which makes it extremly difficult for me to hear what the customers are saying and i feel a little sorry when i have to keep saying “Sorry what?” Or “So sorry i cant hear because of the mask”
I would say it’s mostly the cleaning part that don’t go very well and i often make my supervisors a little upset, what can i do to besides making coffee?
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2021.12.06 18:15 Old_Tip335 Quest is broken

So I was playing chapter 3 season 1 and I was quest grinding. I completed 2/3 of the quest "Drop off Supplies in a single match." I expected it to reset after I died, but it did not. Every time I log onto Fortnite, the quest keeps popping up. Please fix this. "Bug" #bug
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2021.12.06 18:15 Intelligent-Ad-1257 Any doctors in the room?

I can understand the panty raiding, that seems pretty standard for a stalker. But what if with the dirty tampons? Why on earth does Joe take the dirty tampons?
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2021.12.06 18:15 wildtreehuman Modern Mystical Poetry by BIPOC? [HELP]

I am teaching a class to high school students about Mystical Poetry. While most of the classical mystical poets we're studying are people of color (Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, etc.), most of the modern mystical poets I'm familiar with are white (Mary Oliver, Dorothy Walters, Drew Dellinger). I'd like to include some modern BIPOC poets so that BIPOC students in the class have examples of people who responded to the realities of our culture through their mystical poetry.
I define mystical poetry loosely as "Any poem which describes or evokes a direct experience of the sacred." This could mean the sacred in nature or the sacred in a religious context, or anything else. For reference, here is an example of modern mystical poetry:
Poems that include social commentary are great as long as there is a mystical element (as defined above) as well.
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2021.12.06 18:15 midnightZ3ROx What are the main competitive multiplayer games in 2021?

I haven’t played any comp since 2017. I used to play CS:GO and PUBG at that time.
Wondering what are the popular ones right now. Looking to get back to playing comp.
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2021.12.06 18:15 plastic-cemeteries if i get told this work isnt good enough tomorrow im straight up walking out the classroom/not doing the lesson

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2021.12.06 18:15 Spare-Cap-3152 What's with trump flags at antivax marches?

Seriously, even if it were protesting something I wholeheartedly agreed with, it would be too embarrassing to be associated with them and it absolutely detracts from whatever message they're trying to convey. How is it tolerable to other antivaxers and why aren't they told to piss off? I just don't see how it could possibly encourage popular opinion in their favour. So are all NZ's antivaxers trump supporters or are all NZ's trump supporters antivaxers?
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2021.12.06 18:15 Severe-Task-7826 If you had 1 wish (and no you can’t wish for more wishes), what would you wish for?

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2021.12.06 18:15 Horror_Retrospective Film Review: Rare Exports (2010)

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2021.12.06 18:15 IDK_DRAWINGS Not a meme but I made legendaries

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2021.12.06 18:15 ObviouslyCommunist Third Party figures/Proxy units

Hey everyone,
I'm really enjoying the painting process so far, my good buddy and I bought the (now) old Lannister vs Stark set and I really am getting a kick out of this project. We're hoping to do a game sesh soon.
Does anyone know of any good third party companies that do figures in the approximate scale?
I'm basically seeking out "generic" knights or other fantasy inspired units to make my own.
Having worked with a lot of historicals (Perry, Warlord, Victrix) I want to find something slightly larger to better fit in with the rest of these ASOIAF minis.
Lastly, I'm re-listening to ACOK in audio book form while painting and it gets me pumped to keep going.
Thanks for reading!
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2021.12.06 18:15 Comprehensive-One-69 [Request] Fix app store layout on iOS 6 iPads

[Request] Fix app store layout on iOS 6 iPads The app store on my iPad 2 has been working for a few days now, but the Featured tab doesn't seen to work anymore. Instead of showing stuff it just gives me a "The URL can't be shown" error, similar thing sometimes happens when searching in the app store. From what I know, These issues are exclusive to iPad's on iOS 6. Any way to fix this like some sort of tweak or workaround would be appreciated :)
What its supposed to look like

The error I get
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2021.12.06 18:15 Eight_Legged_Pest Private Deals - Part 11

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
The sweat that had dampened the clothes on his back suddenly became clammy as he carefully positioned himself so that he was between whatever it was, and the infant demons. It was stupid, he knew. But this thing behind him clearly wouldn’t be the parents of this litter.
Pain prickled his back from beneath his skin, just like it had done a dozen times already. He tried not to shiver as his hand found a rock, and Oscar hoped desperately that he would remember in the moment that he could spit fire. Carefully, Oscar looked over his shoulder. He saw one enormous maw, dripping with saliva at the prospect of a meal. Its claws scraped against the black material of the ruin as its muscles tensed; and then it leapt.
Oscar screamed as its teeth sank into him; into his side and arm. White-hot pain ripped through him and suddenly the beast sprang away, shaking its head violently and clawing at its mouth with a forelimb. Blood – its blood – ran from deep wounds on the inside of its mouth where it had tried to bite down and found instead that tough bone-like spires could easily pierce the sensitive skin of its mouth lining.
Head fuzzy from pain, Oscar pushed against the black wall to hold himself up and he forced himself to take a deep enough breath for the gout of fire that sprayed, napalm-like, across the beast’s hide. It howled and lashed out in agony, then threw itself against the ground, shaking and rolling in a vain attempt at extinguishing the flame that clung as much as burned. The infant demons had crawled from their hiding place and huddled in the hollow of Oscar’s half-slumped body, but he stared blearily up at Barchiel as the beast fled into the distance, still burning.
“Wz’n accident.” Oscar mumbled. “Dn’t mean.”
Barchiel just sighed as xe scooped him up into xir arm, and as the mewling infant demons crawled towards them both, Barchiel rolled xir eyes and picked them up in xir right hands. Blood stained xir clothes already from Oscar’s wounds, but Barchiel straightened up and calmly returned to the tower where an aggrieved Decarab was waiting.
she said:
Barchiel said, meaningfully.
* * *

Oscar groaned when someone firmly patted the back of his head. It wasn’t enough he was in pain everywhere, but he was on his front and he didn’t have the strength to roll over. Not even to move his arms, though they were aching to change position.

came a much younger, softer-sounding voice.

“Barchiel?” Oscar asked.
“Oh good, you are conscious again.” came the voice to his right, much closer than before. “There is a reason you were not allowed outside, you know.”
“Yh.” Oscar mumbled. “I didn’t do it on purpose. Was just… stood on the threshold. Wanted…”
He trailed off with a deep, drowsy sigh and finally turned his head to the right so he could prise open his unwilling eyes. Barchiel was reclining on the enormous bed next to him, though xe was on top of the covers and Oscar was nestled beneath them. Motes of light coalesced in the space above them, right up near the wooden canopy, where they coalesced into streams of light, but Oscar was more concerned with the fact that he was on the demon’s bed. He could hear a faint ticking sound from above, as if some clockwork mechanism was running.
A small face came into view and Oscar groaned again at the pain caused by the creature’s weight on his injuries, but the pain was relative compared to the fact that this small being had his facial features and Barchiel’s mane of feathers. His gaze flicked across to Barchiel, who had been watching Oscar.
Barchiel smiled indolently and brushed the hair away from Oscar’s face.
“Congratulations.” xe said: “You are a mother. And I suppose, that makes you officially a witch.”
“I’M WHAT?!” Oscar bellowed, pushing himself into a half-sitting position. “HOW!?”
His indignation could only power his strength for so long, and after a moment he collapsed again, this time onto his back. Oscar finally realised that he had a line of hard, tough spines down most of his upper back. Barchiel, without a word, carefully reached over and delicately rolled Oscar onto his side again, having seen Oscar’s expression of horrified discomfort.
“Explain.” Oscar said, through gritted teeth.
“You found a nest of abandoned demons. This happens fairly regularly. At one time I had the strength to raise other’s demons for them, but after I lost most of my tail, I can no longer hold enough magic to keep myself and a litter of children alive. You, on the other hand, need very little to keep you alive, but you store far more.”
Model and Modai butted heads with each other, quite literally; their small but sturdy horns clashing noisily as they wrestled for supremacy at the end of the bed. Barchiel watched this with a vague air of familial tolerance before returning xir attention to Oscar.
“When you found the litter, you likely unconsciously fed them some of your excess: because of this, you and they are linked as a foetus might be in its mother’s womb. So now they carry your blood. And when I was tending to your injuries, they” – Barchiel sighed – “got the impression that we were more closely involved than a simple master-servant relationship, and the little parasites drained me of all my magic.”
Xe saw Oscar’s thunderous expression.
“I was cleaning your wounds, you foolish creature.”
“I’m not angry about that.” Oscar growled. “I’m pissed that you demons just abandon your children like that.”
I do not. And quite frankly, many demons do not have the magical reserves to raise all of their young. They are birthed in litters, so a decision has to be made – either the mother dies, or they raise only one or two at a time. It was not a problem when it was only angels hunting us, but now humans are doing the same, we are losing more demons than are making it to maturity.”
Oscar fell silent at this, pangs of guilt washing through him at the thought.
“And I guess, some of those abandoned litters might make it on their own.” he said.
“They did, once.” Barchiel replied. “Not so now. And you must rest, so do not think of trying to get up.”
“I couldn’t if I wanted to.” Oscar complained.
He looked around as best he could, shifting in the bed to get a better view. A sudden lifting of weight about his knees made Oscar flinch, but he looked down to see that one of the child-demons that had been flopped over his legs and fast-asleep had woken up.
“Zuriel.” Barchiel offered. “I named them. And before you ask, I am on the bed because I also need to recuperate. A demon’s life force is miasma. How do you think I would fare if I lost it all without a way to recover it?”
“Poorly.” Oscar said. “But why don’t you recover? I’m sure you’ve already covered this, but…”
“I do not have much left of my tail. I had lost some of it when I originally became a demon, true, but not long after I began raising Decarab, a wayward angel struck off all but a few inches. It is enough to keep me alive, but not much else. It is why I rely so on my designs.”
“You’re telling me a lot of your weaknesses.” Oscar grumbled. “Don’t you worry about that?”
Barchiel grinned and rolled over in a swift movement so that xe was above Oscar, leaning on xir arms. Xe was wearing only light clothes that were presumably easy for xir to move in, but the front had come open with the movement and Oscar felt his heart skip an inexplicable beat.
“And you are defenceless and in my bed. Does that not concern you?”
“No.” Oscar squeaked, knowing it was a bald-faced lie.
Mind flying a thousand miles a minute, Oscar went on, fully aware somehow that his face was burning and Barchiel’s face had only grown even more widely as he rambled.
“You’ve not done anything to me before, apart from threaten it that one time that turned out to be you just wanting me to wash myself. B-besides, I don’t think t-that sort of thing interests me, you know; and a-anyway, I’m injured. Will you stop smiling at me like that?!”
Decarab had tried to ignore the demon Sytri, who had been growing steadily more impatient the longer he had to wait. She had also insisted that Barchiel was well ahead with the project as far as she knew, and there was no need for Sytri to come pestering them so often. It hadn’t worked.
She slowed to a halt just outside the door, hesitated for a moment and then in a manner quite unlike her usual self, Decarab delicately pushed the door open the slightest amount. Just enough that she could peer into the room and saw the four child-demons clustered by the door. Without a sound, she gestured for them to come out and carefully closed the door behind her.
A golem carried the four children for her so that she didn’t have to measure her pace for little hooves. She wasn’t sure why, but Decarab felt like they didn’t need to see that.
Sytri saw her returning and stamped his foot impatiently.

Decarab said, with a sniff.
Sytri retorted.
Decarab replied, flatly. Under her breath, she added:
Sytri recoiled in disgust. Decarab shrugged in return, then stood and watched as Sytri left the tower, storming down the corridor in such a fit of anger that Decarab had to note that he’d forgotten he could teleport. Momentarily at a loss, Decarab pondered the four children for a while, considered what she had to hand, then advanced to her workshops (which were, at this time of day, on the third floor) to begin teaching them some of the very first lessons a young demon must learn.
They emerged from her workshop shortly after, every one of them beaming from ear to ear (quite literally). Explosions were always exciting for young ones, Decarab reasoned: none of them had come to any harm, and it had kept them occupied. She’d somewhat enjoyed herself, too. While Barchiel had been known as the Matriarch, Decarab had been the last. Demons didn’t generally feel guilt, but it often preyed on her mind that Barchiel had lost so much of xir tail because xe had been protecting her.
She knocked lightly on the door as Modai and Model pointed insistently at it. Zuriel hadn’t taken their eyes from Barchiel since she’d shown what magic she was capable of, but Ronove was more interested in the golems.
The door opened in a genteel fashion: Barchiel was clean and dressed in xir usual style, and it was as if nothing at all had happened. Decarab glanced over to Oscar, who ducked her gaze and scratched the side of his face. The worst of his injuries had healed, but it was the fresh bruising beneath his collar that caught Decarab’s attention the most.

Barchiel chuckled as xe folded xir arms, pleased with the work. Oscar had perked up at ‘miacite’, but it was the only word that he recognised out of the complex language. What he could tell though, was that the child-demons were stuck to him like glue. They’d been perfectly all right with Decarab, he thought; but the moment they’d seen him, they’d rushed to his side.
“Weren’t you the size of my hand a few hours ago?” Oscar wondered.
“The difference is that they have a mother now.” Barchiel remarked.
“I wish you wouldn’t use the word like that.” Oscar said, pointedly. “I’m not-”
“You are in the primary care-giving role and they depend on you to give them life, no? Then you are a mother.”
“Parent. Just say… parent.” Oscar replied.
He grimaced, but Barchiel didn’t seem to understand. “Is this one of those human concerns.”
“You’re using a human word and concept. I’d have thought that demons had more flexible terms for a parent, rather than insisting on me being a mother.” Oscar argued. “Look, I- it just doesn’t sit right with me.”
Barchiel shrugged. “It does not change what you are. But if it makes you feel-”
“Ma-ma!” Zuriel declared, suddenly, tugging on Oscar’s sleeve.
Oscar inhaled deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose as he held up his other hand to Barchiel, index finger raised.
“Not… a fucking word.” he said.
“Would you deny a child their mother?” Barchiel asked, savouring the awkwardness of the moment.
Oscar glared back at xir as Zuriel tugged at his sleeve a second time, gazing up at him with the utmost trust only a child could afford, complete with runny nose. When Oscar looked down, he sighed, rummaged in a pocket for a piece of cloth and wiped Zuriel’s nose.
“Some things are the same between species I guess.” Oscar sighed. “Fine, I give in. But don’t you dare gloat about this to anyone, you hear?”
“Of course not. I quite enjoy having my free time back. Do you realise how much of my time was spent tending to children that had been abandoned at my door? You were looking for something to occupy yourself with, no?” Barchiel said. “Enjoy yourself. I will be taking you – and the children – to an event soon, so I will expect you to behave.”
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2021.12.06 18:15 Fancy_Parakeet Got some cool stuff in the mail today.

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2021.12.06 18:15 Zeond1987 What is the wintumber aurora armor called for the cosmetic override?

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2021.12.06 18:15 Shhshhshhshhnow Having a toddler is basically exposure therapy

Anyone else working through anxiety that stems from parents that demanded things be orderly and you act like an adult all the time? I actively make a point to choose my battles with my 2YO and most the time that requires me to ask myself, “before you ask him to do something, why are you asking? Is it out of impulse, is it to help/teach/or control them, is this something I’m willing to enforce when I get push back?” I’ve found that a lot of things my parents would berate me for are not that big of a deal. It gives me anxiety to let me kid do stuff I’d get in trouble for, but man, I feel like I’m growing into a whole, new, better, more empathetic person!
My most recent exposure was to stickers. Seems harmless but my son wanted to stick them on the wall 😮‍💨 before I reacted, I asked some questions and figured he was REALLY enjoying it, it’s nothing some baby oil or water can’t remove and worse comes to worse I can repaint! We had a blast! I also learned that puffy stickers are THE BEST. They restick and can easily be peeled off even windows so stickers are a new entertainment staple in my house; and I’m proud of that.
TL;DR: toddler put stickers on my walls and though I had massive anxiety initially, I’ve embraced and even enjoyed sticking stickers on the walls.
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