The big day part 1 - by TurquoiseGirl35

2022.01.17 15:29 ThatGFFAN The big day part 1 - by TurquoiseGirl35

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2022.01.17 15:29 vasthi1514 i am

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2022.01.17 15:29 smallnicholas These made me laugh.

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2022.01.17 15:29 GamerGameing Title

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2022.01.17 15:29 Hardyboyzfan_mathew AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes in the Royal rumble??

So apparently Cody hasn’t signed a contract in AEW and is now a free agent and for somewhat reason, he’s still the TNT champion. So will he be returning in the ring before signing a contract with AEW in WWE Royal Rumble participating in the 30 men Royal rumble match. Dave Meltzer said that there won’t be any AEW stars like Jon Moxley in RR. But technically, Cody is a free agent. So is it possible?
What do you guys think
And also, does meltzer always get everything correct cuz I’m hoping for an AEW wrestler in the match
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2022.01.17 15:29 Spongebobscooter I don’t have a cat but here’s my dog

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2022.01.17 15:29 Kourosh07 Russian weather satellite on X-BAND THE LINK OF ADDRESS BELOW

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2022.01.17 15:29 Cluster_Fcuk83 Unconventional life/finance choice - Am I nuts?

Hi guys. I am a single lady (38) and I own my own home in a place where prices have recently boomed (golden triangle). I have changed my job since I got my mortgage and now earn far less than I did. Yesterday I did some calculations on what my mortgage repayments may change to this year with interest rates going up and jeepers, it looks a bit scary.
I am not a particularly materialistic person and I don’t want to have kids, so sometimes my mortgage just feels like a noose around my neck. I know that I am so lucky to be on the property ladder but sometimes I question whether there’s another way to achieve financial security for later in life.
If I sold my home right now I’d probably walk away with about 400k. I have about 50k in kiwisaver. I’m considering whether to just sell up now, while prices are high, and invest that money with a reputable investment firm instead.
I know this goes against the traditional life script but if I don’t mind renting again, and this provides me with enough for retirement then I don’t really see a problem. I am very interested in the option of a tiny home down the track if I really want my own space.
So, you’re all probably wanting to give me a good shake right now and scream DONT SELL YOUR HOUSE ............ haha. I am in the process of trying to work out what to do, my main question is would investing that kind of lump sum now translate into a nest egg that would enable me to retire? Any info on what I could expect in returns, or a decent retirement calculator would be awesome. Also, are there any other glaring issues with this potential plan that I could be missing?
I already have two lodgers living with me by the way so renting out rooms for more income is not an option.
I’m worried that if I hold on to the property, prices may fall over the next couple of years due to high interest rates and I’ll kick myself for not getting out while the going is good.
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2022.01.17 15:29 billardblossom Toronto Snowstorm

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2022.01.17 15:29 Surajitmedhi What is your favourite cookie ???( This question not for AIM )

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2022.01.17 15:29 TheLastCommands W: Laser gun, single action/western revolver plans. H: Offers

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2022.01.17 15:29 WSOTmod Macron Promises New Jobs, Rosy French Economy Before Election

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2022.01.17 15:29 Ancient_Educator_76 TIFU , many times and in many ways, mainly by telling my cousin she married a creeper..... a little too late.

First off, the adjectives in this title can be transmogrified to varying degrees, based on your analysis of how this story played out.
The timeline spans decades, but has current ramifications, with fuck ups happening then, recently, and now.
I had quite a life, losing my dad at 16 (he was a molester so f*ck him), losing my wife of four + years at 24, I've managed to, out of necessity, find a calm in life, a garbage-buoy among the destroyed remnants of what life I thought I was supposed to have. Despite my calm, my default mode being chill, there has consistently been one thing that has always got me fighting: molestation and/or abuse. This is key to how this story plays out.
So when my dad died, he at least had the decency to know that he wasn't feeling great, and had talked with a couple of parents of friends of mine, people who lived in our apartments etc., who could take care of me should he die. This was unbeknownst to me. So when he died, I had two "suitors", and stayed with both of them. One of the families nice enough to take me in was moving to Oklahoma, so off I went with my new family, including new cousins, grandmas (I've never had a grandma!), in laws, the whole lot. They really took me in.
So as I was living in Oklahoma, we often drove down to (close to) Fort Worth, TX to visit Aunt Bonnie and J.C. (all names are changed to protect the innocent/guilty/Quicker-fucker-uppers, etc.). The Buick we drove down in carried a 19 year old me, 11 year old cousin Meredith, and Earl and Margaret, my four-years-older-than-me-but-still-my-adoptive parents. They treated me like a son they always wanted and never had. Earl gave me advice all the time, etc. I've gotta be honest when I say that we took many of these Texas trips, and I don't remember if this particular one back in the nineties had her along with.
So anyway, Meredith and I go walking around the "town", seeing J.C.'s horse Smokey, and just getting a lay of the land. Meredith ran into some kids who were about 15 to 16ish and wanted to hang out with them. These kids' parents were nearby, so I just kept walking around. So anyway nightfall finally falls, we all head back to Bonnie and JC's house to sleep. Earl and Margaret sleep in a bedroom next to Bonnie (JC left for a job, not sure what he did but I think he drove a truck or freight or something). I slept on a recliner next to the second bedroom and Meredith slept on the couch in the living room.
I woke up to use the restroom, and I decided to hit the kitchen before heading back to my (JCs) recliner. As I entered the kitchen that was open to see the living room I see one of these 16 year old kids, we'll call him Jason, near Meredith, close enough to be making physical contact. I couldn't see at first but realized that his hand was down her pants, and she was legit sleeping. He saw me at the very second I realized what was going on, he looked me dead in the eye, said "I'm sorry please don't..." then interrupted himself by turning and running out of the house (which was either unlocked or he jumped through an open window, I honestly have no idea).
I walked closer to her, she was out, not snoring, but that heavy breathing that people do when they sleep... she wasn't playing possum. This is fuck up one. I didn't do anything here. I just questioned what I just saw. Was she truly pretending to be sleeping THAT well? Were they boyfriend and girlfriend? She was 11 he was 16, but more than that, Meredith was a previous victim of abuse according to Margaret. I didn't chase him down, I didn't do anything at all except go back to sleep with a bunch of question marks. We all wake up the next day, head back to Oklahoma, live our lives that took us to different places (just as I was getting cozy in Oklahoma I Margaret and Earl make plans for heading back to Arizona), and we sort of drifted apart (there is much more to that part of the story, but that's literally another XL story).
So fast forward twenty sum odd years, and all of a sudden I see Meredith on facebook. I'm honestly not sure whether she friended me, or I her. Through this I fb friended all of my old "cousins" and adopted family, and we update each other on how things are going, etc. I see that Meredith is married for about six years now. She has a daughter that is her spitting image, and another daughter equally as charming, and her brother is also online along with a whole family of cousins with babies galore (great name for a store?).
So anyway I see her husband post a long, sweet, almost tearjerkingly sentimental and apologetic anniversary post on her page. It was moving, and showed just how much strife they had been through, and that they were still making it and letting love conquer all, despite him being a "jerk" or something like that. He mentioned how long they had been married, and I do the math, and something doesn't quite add up. According to the post of how long of an anniversary it was since they were married (not just together, but married), Meredith married this man when she was 15, and he was 21. Mostly out of curiosity, I asked her "hey when do you get married?". She confirmed: age 15. She got married in a state (I think Mississippi?) where it was legal with parental consent to marry that young. I said, oh cool, I probably know this guy, lol, and went on my merry way.
So any way again, I get a long, insult-filled, anger-fueled (apparently) diatribe of a message directly to me, tell me to "mind your own f*cking business, you f------y looking..." you get the idea. This was another FU, on his end.
If I hadn't gotten this intense response I wouldn't have even paid attention, I wouldn't have realized that Meredith's husband of umpteen years was none other than Jason. You have GOT to be fricking kidding me. I instantly have flashbacks, thoughts racing through my head of all the guilt, the pain, why didn't I do anything? Why didn't i AT LEAST say something???? Whey didn't I ask Meredith if she was dating this guy or whatever? (back then). I just couldn't believe it.
Leads to yet another FU on me... I don't let things steep and chill, I instantly respond with "I know exactly who you are, exactly what you did, and EXACTLY what you're doing right now you Screech-wanna-be looking motherfather'. Any way, I guess we both poked each other's bears on this one, because all of a sudden I am this horrible person on facebook, because when I messaged this to Jason I also told Meredith what's up, and that I needed to tell her what happened when she was 11, and that this guy has got issues, etc. At the end of all this, I'm unfriended by the whole family, physically threatened by Jason, and I'm stupid enough to tell him my exact address and tell him any time. I truly meant it then, and I truly mean it now, even thought my exact address is stupid because I have five kids.
If I had any tears left in my life, I would have cried over this (sorry for melodrama), but I brought this to my current wife of 17 years, let her give me the sage advice of "you don't need this sh*t" and just lived my life. She was so right. I work my arse off, social media's a joke (not Reddit of course :) ), and I decide to just drop it. I try to leave one last message to Meredith to watch her girls, but I'm blocked.
Fast forward about eight or nine months, and all of a sudden I get a friend request/message from Margaret on fb with a link attached. Meredith asked Margaret to message me before she made any attempts to contact, and wants my phone number. The link? A picture of a Dustin Diamond look-a-like in an orange jumpsuit, only with Jason's full name emblazoned across the top with an article mentioning multiple counts of Se*ual abuse and molest&tion. I was 100% right at the 100% wrong time.
You would think after how everything went down I'd feel vindicated, at least a little bit, but all I felt was terror and regret and guilt at letting that poor little girl get abused like that. If I would have beat this kid's ass when I should have, or at the very very least brought it up in somehow someway, I could have prevented this. ESPECIALLY considering my past and being abused and watching my father abuse others, how could I let this go? How?! THIS, my fellow redditors, is truly my biggest f*ck up of all; not preventing this man from doing this.
The aftermath: I am given Meredith's number, she begs for me to call her after we're refriended each other, and I call. She wants to know exactly what happened way back in Texas, so I told her everything, apologized for not doing anything about it then, as I'm driving across town to work, tears welling up for the first time in a while. We talked a couple more times with updates regarding next steps, Jason's jail time, apologizing for not listening to me, but also on the same hand she mentioned that Jason had a "pretty bad head injury" and that she had been doing research on how "traumatic brain injury can cause people to do things like this". Wow. After all that, she still is trying to find a way to ... I can't even. But then I realize she's trying to find a way to cope, and I just leave it at that. I don't argue with her, I don't bring up what she already knows about her husband, and just let it go.
The after aftermath (now): She has moved on, met a very nice man, they got married, everyone is on the road to recovery. Present Redditors included.
TL;DR- My cousin married someone who I knew was a chomo-in-the-making, didn't say anything, finds out I was right because he's in jail for abusing his daughter now.
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2022.01.17 15:29 Primary_Swimmer7693 I I'm a gta developer who has been working with the company for years

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2022.01.17 15:29 Lilyo UK sponsors deregulation of labour rights in Ukraine

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2022.01.17 15:29 mrgreenmo Safe to say I didn’t get the job? (Progressive)

As the title suggests, I had applied for the claims adjustor position and finished the virtual interview with Progressive Insurance. It has been over a week now since submission of said interview. Would y’all say it’s safe to assume Progressive will not be moving forward with me?
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2022.01.17 15:29 XIIXOO Majority of Americans Now Identify as Republican After Massive 14 Percent Swing in One Year!

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2022.01.17 15:29 closedcircle66 Different versions of bright lights

On the Spotify version and I think YouTube version there is the part in the background saying ‘bright lights and black holes’
But in the Apple Music version (where you buy the albums, maybe not the subscription version) it doesn’t have that part
I’d like to know why this is
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2022.01.17 15:29 ChrisC1636 Looking for a legendary raid

just looking for a raid to do, inv 9846 6967 4185
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2022.01.17 15:29 thehoound Beeping in the house when using an electric power washer

Hi all, thank you in advance for your help.

I bought a GreenWorks pro-2300 psi pressure washer yesterday and immediately went out back to go to town on our concrete slab. My sublime experience was interrupted by my fiance coming out to tell me that engaging the pressure washer caused something in our house to beep loudly and continuously. It stopped when I cut it off and came inside.

I am far from an electrician and have about six minutes of experience with pressure washers. Does anyone have advice?
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2022.01.17 15:29 rgornk Renault Group sales dropped again in 2021 but only marginally. E-tech sales almost third of total. Alpine and Dacia up, Renault down. This year should be better.

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2022.01.17 15:29 Distinct-Road-5520 Jemand Bock auf Annitheduck/Reved oder Knatternatter?

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2022.01.17 15:29 professorstrunk BC Truckers Demand Safety

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2022.01.17 15:29 cinnzawith2n What's the weirdest thing you've found in a public bathroom?

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2022.01.17 15:29 lockdown_gamer IDK where else to ask this but can anyone tell me what this animal is

IDK where else to ask this but can anyone tell me what this animal is
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